I love this post from Ashley Rose Helvey. Surely this shop doesn't have a merchandising department, which is the best part (besides the windmill fabric above).


que nos vies aient l'air d'un film parfait

This morning I set my iPod to shuffle and walked out the door. It pulled up the following sequence:

Fleetwood Mac, "Go Your Own Way"
Anna Karina, "Roller Girl"
Britney Spears, "Radar"
Lio, "Amoureux Solitaires"

...so I knew it was going to be a good day.

Here is Lio (this song is now stuck in my head for the rest of the day):

And here is Anna Karina, from the film Anna, which I watched with Allison in her New York apartment a few years ago (without subtitles). Watching this I can't help but think that the room she is dancing around in is so lovely, and I love her bentwood furniture. Serge Gainsbourg wrote this song, which explains its unique paroles ("je suis l'amour en trompe l'oeil") and overall excellence:


this place in time

If one wanted an audio representation of my current mood, it would be this. Precisely. Funny how this one song can make me feel simultaneously sad and ecstatic.

(The audio track linked is "This Place in Time" by Colleen, from the album Les ondes silencieuses -- it has viola da gamba and I think harpsichord on it and is some of the only music I can abide at this time of year. Colleen is C├ęcile Schott. I bought her first album, Everyone Alive Wants Answers, because of the beautiful artwork by Florence Manlik:

...and because the clerk at the record store -- who had really nice glasses on and who always played music that I liked in the shop -- said it was really good. Who knew I would like music favoured by Wire magazine? I mean, gosh. Wire. I find it thoroughly unreadable when I chance to look through it.)


la petite

This box of matches sits in front of me when I am at my desk. It makes me smile every time I look at it. If I had had it when I was little, it would have been one of my prized possessions. I would have made it into a bed for a tiny figurine.



Geoff has an old canvas messenger bag that he's had for, oh, five years now? He doesn't use it much, but for a while the strap was held to the bag with safety pins. From time to time they would pop open and prick him.

The above is the "Folio Bag" from Labour and Wait. How lovely it is. I wish I could buy it for Geoff; it would suit him so well. Tonight he had dinner with his friend Adam and again Adam encouraged Geoff to keep drawing. I agree. In fact, if I had the money to support us both I would move us somewhere far away where he could study illustration --

this is how Geoff doodles. His beautiful, delicate style always amazes me.



This is a blog that I have created for a course I am taking, FIS 1311. I will use it for other purposes as well. It's a fixer-upper.