this place in time

If one wanted an audio representation of my current mood, it would be this. Precisely. Funny how this one song can make me feel simultaneously sad and ecstatic.

(The audio track linked is "This Place in Time" by Colleen, from the album Les ondes silencieuses -- it has viola da gamba and I think harpsichord on it and is some of the only music I can abide at this time of year. Colleen is C├ęcile Schott. I bought her first album, Everyone Alive Wants Answers, because of the beautiful artwork by Florence Manlik:

...and because the clerk at the record store -- who had really nice glasses on and who always played music that I liked in the shop -- said it was really good. Who knew I would like music favoured by Wire magazine? I mean, gosh. Wire. I find it thoroughly unreadable when I chance to look through it.)


  1. <3
    i dream of having a room big enough to have tons of mattress all over and all my friends on them with headphones just listening to colleen haha.

  2. OK when that happens, I'm coming over!