doily love

The other day I was at my parents' house and I noticed that my mother had put some very sweet, very delicate, pale pink doilies under the lamps in "my" bedroom. They seemed vaguely familiar, and when I said that I liked them very much, she reminded me that when I was little I used to play with them out on the porch. I used to wrap them around my dolls, and make beds out of them for the dolls, and apparently I lost one (she said this with some annoyance; she crocheted them herself). I don't have any memory of this, but it figures: I am still so fond of doilies. And lace. I was not so fond of going to the store where she bought her supplies, Melody Crochet (it's still there, on Dundas near Bellwoods, a tiny little shop with a handpainted sign, a tiny little shop that bored me to tears back then). There was probably a period in my life in which I thought doilies and lace were far too fussy, but I've come around.

I recently mentioned a book I had seen on Amy Karol's blog about modifying existing clothing with doilies and lace, and I mentioned how I had asked Etsy seller pomadour24 if she could source it for me. She did (it was about $20 + shipping; ISBN 9784123901581), and she translated the title as "Lacey clothes book." It arrived yesterday and I am so, so in love. I know that the girls pictured in the book are just a teensy bit younger than I am, but what a dream, what a fantasy. These pictures are so beautiful. I like to think that if I were a book, I would be this one.


white lace

Last night I bought a dress at a thrift shop. It has an off-white satin lining with a lace overlay. It's super pretty, but the shape is weird. It fits me around the bottom but it must have been made for someone with either giant shoulders or a giant chest; there's all this extra fabric at the top. The collar, too, is kind of boring (it's an uncomplicated, rounded neckline). It looks totally frumptastic on me. I started to doubt it, but then I saw this gorgeous dress (it sold in one day!) on Etsy, from salvagelife.

It's a little shorter than the one I have, but I think I will make a project out of it and try to fix it up. It cost $8, so if I mess it up, it's not too big important. I love lace!

I think I'll spend the rest of my Friday evening browsing the Toast catalogue I got in the mail and popping tiny vanilla cupcakes from Whole Foods into my mouth.

hello hello

I had a great week with Etsy. Sometimes I feel a little ashamed of my little shop because I feel as though it's not as good as I want it to be, and sometimes the pictures I take are sloppy (they're better when I get Geoff to take them). The other day, two people wrote to me about some things in the shop: one was a pair of vintage frames, which I delivered locally and which looked totally amazing on the person who bought them, and one was a beautiful lamp that I fell in love with but knew wasn't truly me. I sent the lamp to April at whiteapple.etsy.com. She wrote to me asking how I could possibly part with the lamp, and we sent a few messages back and forth. I found myself wanting nothing more than to send it to her, but I had listed it at $40, which was a lot. Luckily she was very open to the idea of a trade. I feel so lucky, because her stuff is absolutely lovely & gorgeous & whimsical in just the right way. I can't wait!

I am sitting in my cataloguing class at the moment and I'm supposed to be working on an exercise ("handling corporate hierarchies" -- oh yes). I'm just waiting for the discussion because I probably did it all wrong.

A while ago, Amy Karol posted about a Japanese craft book she had acquired. I found that I couldn't stop staring at the pictures, even though the book is meant for young girls' clothing, so I wrote to my favourite Japanese craft book seller and asked her if she could find it for me. She did, and now it's on its way to me. I am very excited. I haven't been able to find these craft books locally, although I have to admit I haven't looked very hard. There's a place called J-Town in the suburbs that has a bookstore in it, apparently.


RIP Polaroid. What a shame.


make it awesome

This morning I opened my Reader account to find an interview with Sonja Ahlers on Poppytalk. I was delighted! I really love her work. One of the first pieces of "real" art that I ever bought was a mixed media piece she made that I bought for $150. This was kind of a big deal for me, but I fell in love with it & had to have it. This was a good interview, too. I read one with her a couple of years ago in a local literary magazine and it was so poorly written and filled with editorializing. Redemption!

(n.b. She has an Etsy shop!)