white lace

Last night I bought a dress at a thrift shop. It has an off-white satin lining with a lace overlay. It's super pretty, but the shape is weird. It fits me around the bottom but it must have been made for someone with either giant shoulders or a giant chest; there's all this extra fabric at the top. The collar, too, is kind of boring (it's an uncomplicated, rounded neckline). It looks totally frumptastic on me. I started to doubt it, but then I saw this gorgeous dress (it sold in one day!) on Etsy, from salvagelife.

It's a little shorter than the one I have, but I think I will make a project out of it and try to fix it up. It cost $8, so if I mess it up, it's not too big important. I love lace!

I think I'll spend the rest of my Friday evening browsing the Toast catalogue I got in the mail and popping tiny vanilla cupcakes from Whole Foods into my mouth.


  1. That gold necklace in the photo is the perfect accessory for the dress! It takes the dress from looking like a grunge castoff to something totally sweet and modern.

  2. The words "grunge castoff" worry me -- I hadn't thought of that. I hope I can elevate my dress beyond that. xo!

  3. hi there!
    i just found out you have a blog too, as well as a wonderful etsy shop! i've added you to my lsit of blogs to lurve, i have a small knitting blog i'm determined to make more than just knits once i stop procrastinating so much...anyhow, can't wait for my bunny shakers to arrive...tara-lynn