spring has sprung

Spring is finally here and I couldn't be happier about it. The past little while has been filled with all "les petits riens" that I love so much. Today, for example:

-I had a thoroughly uneventful bike ride to work, which is the best kind
-I met Geoff for lunch and we had lunch-special sushi
-I found a copy of Frankie magazine for half price because the store forgot to return it
-things were waiting for me at the library
-I rode past a magnolia tree in full bloom and it smelled so good
-I just ate some delicious vanilla ice cream
-and I had this dancing through my head all day (so lovely!):



grey polish

A little while ago my friend Jess mentioned that she wanted matte grey nail polish. I thought that sounded intriguing, but in my haste to find flourescent pink nail polish, I forgot about it. When I got the Stylish Dress book in the mail, however, I noticed matte grey nail polish on the models. At first I thought it looked strange, but I also thought it looked AMAZING.

I looked around online and realized that this was definitely a trend in the making, but that I wasn't going to find matte grey (i.e. non-metallic) nail polish at the drug store. I decided to make my own, using $4 bottles. If Rimmel is good enough for Kate Moss, it's good enough for me.

I added a little bit of the black to the white, a little at a time, and shook it as best as I could for as long as I could manage. It is surprisingly difficult to mix two colours of nail polish.

I didn't paint my nails very well, but this is the result. I like it! It looks vaguely like the pastel blue nail polish I wore for a few years in high school, but I can get past that.


heart on my sleeve-y

I've been wearing my hair in braids a lot lately. One of the reasons is because when I trimmed my bangs, I accidentally cut a bit of length off the hair around my face on the left side, and I cut it straight. It doesn't look very good, so I just incorporate that piece into a braid. Also, I am in desperate need of a haircut (I am one of those rare girls who hates getting her hair cut. I used to have a friend who would come over and cut my hair for free, and I enjoyed that. Ah well). For now, braids & buns are doing the job and, I hope, disguising the fact that I need a proper trim.

Last night Geoff and I had oh-so-rare Friday night plans. I wore a dress from H&M that I bought before Christmas and have never worn, and I wore eye makeup, which I rarely do. We went to the art gallery where he works for an opening, and stood around for about ten minutes. Then we left without even cashing in our free beer tickets. We went across the street to another opening, looked at the paintings, and left. Then we went to a bar for a friends' birthday party, stood around for about fifteen minutes, then snuck out. I felt awful about it, mostly because I don't like being the type of person who goes to a party only to leave after a few minutes. I should have had some of that free beer; it might have made me a little less uptight!

I love Caitin's new lamp shades. I've been thinking about them all day. They are so pretty.

Also, I made myself a Muxtape: http://fieldguided.muxtape.com.


wild heart

I love this video.

I love her hair, her dress, and this demo of "Wild Heart" is much better than the recorded version. I like this relaxed and easy Stevie.