grey polish

A little while ago my friend Jess mentioned that she wanted matte grey nail polish. I thought that sounded intriguing, but in my haste to find flourescent pink nail polish, I forgot about it. When I got the Stylish Dress book in the mail, however, I noticed matte grey nail polish on the models. At first I thought it looked strange, but I also thought it looked AMAZING.

I looked around online and realized that this was definitely a trend in the making, but that I wasn't going to find matte grey (i.e. non-metallic) nail polish at the drug store. I decided to make my own, using $4 bottles. If Rimmel is good enough for Kate Moss, it's good enough for me.

I added a little bit of the black to the white, a little at a time, and shook it as best as I could for as long as I could manage. It is surprisingly difficult to mix two colours of nail polish.

I didn't paint my nails very well, but this is the result. I like it! It looks vaguely like the pastel blue nail polish I wore for a few years in high school, but I can get past that.


  1. I love the grey nail polish! I think a darker grey would be pretty too.

    I own exactly one bottle of sheer, pale pink Chanel polish and I haven't even used it yet, despite my good intentions. Someday soon, maybe!

  2. Thanks! It feels a little like I dipped my fingers in a paint tin, but I like it!

    Sheer, pale pink Chanel polish sounds so lovely. I especially like that you own one bottle.