spring has sprung

Spring is finally here and I couldn't be happier about it. The past little while has been filled with all "les petits riens" that I love so much. Today, for example:

-I had a thoroughly uneventful bike ride to work, which is the best kind
-I met Geoff for lunch and we had lunch-special sushi
-I found a copy of Frankie magazine for half price because the store forgot to return it
-things were waiting for me at the library
-I rode past a magnolia tree in full bloom and it smelled so good
-I just ate some delicious vanilla ice cream
-and I had this dancing through my head all day (so lovely!):



  1. yep that song is now in my head, too. I was running on the treadmill last night belting it out, (gasping it out more like it).
    Sounds like a good day, I love uneventful bike rides, the kind where no one attempted to run me over. In Brandon it is called "race the pedestrian," I swear. Oh I love it when books are waiting for me, the other day it was "Nigella Express", yum! Also Frankie, on sale! Nicely done. I'm going into the "big city" next week (Winnipeg) in hopes of tracking one down. Have a good weekend!

  2. I like the version of the song in this video better than the one on the album. The one on the album has too much going on!

    Sometimes riding to work can be so stressful. People stop only grudgingly to let me cross the street! And when I have to turn left I get anxious because Toronto drivers are not friendly.

    Hope you found the Frankie -- it's so great! The one I got is an older issue. xo