hello, hi

How are you?

I took today off work because Geoff and I are headed to New York tomorrow for a mini-trip. I still haven't packed and done all the last-minute things I want to do. Even though it's only four nights, I feel as though I have to make sure everything is perfect before I go. This includes hemming a dress I have never actually worn in the year that I have owned it, because I finally want to wear it, and making sure that I have taken the watering can from under the sink so that our friend who is stopping by to feed the cat won't have to look for it to water the herbs. I have my little stack of maps to shops I'd like to visit all printed, my passport in plain sight so that I do not forget it, and some laundry hanging to dry out on the balcony.

I'm a little sad that I'll miss out on the Wiksten shop update. What gorgeous pieces. In my fantasies, I get the Tova dress.



  1. have fun in new york anabela!
    you would look so cute in the tova dress...
    alas... i, too, will be out of town... and, am wishing and hoping that i can steal away with a computer and some internet for a little while on saturday... but, that's not really the making of a vacation if one is glued to the computer...
    have you decided what you're going to do in new york or, are you just going to have an amazing unplanned vacation-y time?
    happy weekend!

  2. Hi Tiffany -- thank you! I hope you will have a nice time on your trip out of town as well. The trip is going to be semi-planned; we're going to try to go to a bunch of museums, and there are a few shops & restaurants I want to go to (Muji, Purl Patchwork, etc.), but we're going to allow for serendipity a bit too so that we're not too disappointed if we miss something. My favourite trips really are the ones where you just go somewhere and spend your whole time walking around and hanging out.

    Aw, thanks -- part of me thinks I would look horrible in the Tova dress!

  3. Oh New York is the city of my dreams. I have yet to visit it, though. I hope you two have so much fun!! I agree the best things on trips seem to be found when you don't have a destination.
    I also want the Tova Dress, and I work, but I think I might be sneaky and buy it then... I will fight for it!! *breathe erica breathe*
    Anyways, have an amazing vacation!

  4. Thanks, Erica! AAHHH GOOD LUCK ON SATURDAY! I hope you get the Tova!

  5. i hope you have a lovely trip! I can't wait to hear about it. One day you'll have to make it to Chicago ;)

  6. Caitlin, it's next on the list!

  7. Yes! You have to visit us someday in the windy city. If you like sweets, you should get some Beard Papa cream puffs while you're in NYC. I ate an embarrassing amount of those when I was there last.

  8. If you're sad to miss the shop update, I'm sad not to get to go to New York!

  9. have fun in new york, you two! xo