tie break

Hello, hello.

I am going to have a tote bag giveaway later this week. I hope this is something some of you (at least two of you, because there are two bags) will be interested in. I am also going to try to post in here a little more frequently! So many cobwebs every time I look at it.

Last night I made a necktie for Geoff. I used the pattern for the Osman tie from BurdaStyle together with the tutorial. How I love free patterns! I enjoyed making this tie and I am happy with it, but really, it's not suitable for Geoff. Ah well, at least it was good practice.

I had the idea for a gingham tie after seeing Erica's post which mentioned the Steven Alan one she bought for her husband (Steven Alan has really lovely shirting fabric ties). This particular cotton gingham print, however, is too large. Also, the tie is a bit too long and a bit too wide; Geoff is of average height and is very slim -- the thinner the tie, the better. Still, it was exciting to think that I was making a tie (for some reason, the act of making a tie leads to visions of Italian tailors stitching up perfect bespoke neckties, which is an image I like very much) and that it was easier than I had thought it would be.

I do recommend trying it yourself; the amount of sewing is minimal: the art is in in the folding, I think.


  1. Ooo, oo, I will look forward to your giveaway! You have such fantastic taste and I've loved everything you've made (especially that doily purse).

  2. It's awesome that you made a tie. I can see how it might be too wide and too big of a print for his frame, but I'm sure you'll be able to find it a happy home in no time!

  3. tote bag giveaway!
    i really enjoy your blog, check mine out if you like!