I won this pair of Olsson clogs on eBay. I hope they work out!

I wanted a pair of Sven clogs from the same seller because they had a little buckle on them, but I didn't care to get into a bid-fight. These ones are virtually identical, anyhow. I decided I wanted a pair of clogs after visiting Jumelle in Williamsburg -- they had some Svens in the window and they were so pretty.

I am a little torn, however, as I always am with footwear that straddles the line between frump and chic. Ah well, some will get it and some won't, and I like them.

They are my graduation present to myself from myself (a very modest present, but it's the best I can do at the moment). I'm done with school next Thursday, after an exam. I cannot wait. And then comes the crushing rejection inherent to the job hunt! Hooray.


dress 'n'

I made it! On Friday I came home from an art opening at the gallery where Geoff's been working and started making the dress. It didn't take too long, even though I had to adjust the side seams twice to take out some extra fabric -- it turns out that I can fit into the largest size in the book (small victories!). I used grey linen and tried out some little embellishments I've learned over the past little while, including the shirring in the back, and rolled hems on the ruffle & the top of the back.

I found that it's almost liberating to not have to follow a pattern exactly. Obviously, this is a simple dress, with no zippers or sleeves, but I didn't even consult the photograph in the book the second time around. It was nice, because it made me feel a little bit fancy.

I wore the dress out to a party last night and no one asked if I made it, which is often the case when I wear something I've made (or, as with a shirt-dress I bought recently, haven't made -- which is flattering, really). I'm not sure how to interpret that, but it doesn't matter! I really like my new ruffle-fronted dress, and I rarely say that about something I've made.

Incidentally, there was a Style section cover story on linen in this weekend's Globe & Mail.


ruffles ruffles

(Can you tell I have a hard time coming up with titles sometimes?)

My love of ruffles continues. See this?

This is smock 'N' from my beloved Stylish Dress Book. I haven't tried to make anything from the book (I've only looked through it and sighed about three hundred times), as I am a bit intimidated and worried that even the largest of the three sizes included will not fit me. I decided to start with this one since it looks simple enough. And it is! Three pieces cut on a fold and bias tape. I made the pattern today; I enlarged it a tiny bit as I traced it. I sewed up a quick muslin using an old bedsheet, totally lazy-style: I sewed it on my serger (ha! Including the bust darts!) and didn't bother to make the bias tape. Ten minutes later, I saw that it fit, and I was pleased, but... is this too apron-like? If yes, is there anything wrong with an apron-like smock? Please advise. It looks great on her, but on me, I'm not so sure. Oh to be an A cup!