ruffles ruffles

(Can you tell I have a hard time coming up with titles sometimes?)

My love of ruffles continues. See this?

This is smock 'N' from my beloved Stylish Dress Book. I haven't tried to make anything from the book (I've only looked through it and sighed about three hundred times), as I am a bit intimidated and worried that even the largest of the three sizes included will not fit me. I decided to start with this one since it looks simple enough. And it is! Three pieces cut on a fold and bias tape. I made the pattern today; I enlarged it a tiny bit as I traced it. I sewed up a quick muslin using an old bedsheet, totally lazy-style: I sewed it on my serger (ha! Including the bust darts!) and didn't bother to make the bias tape. Ten minutes later, I saw that it fit, and I was pleased, but... is this too apron-like? If yes, is there anything wrong with an apron-like smock? Please advise. It looks great on her, but on me, I'm not so sure. Oh to be an A cup!


  1. oh anabela, so glad you're diving right it! i think it'll be great. i have a feeling this is a good style for you. can't wait to see it!

  2. this is such a pretty and cool dress!
    i can't wait to see it complete.. i don't think it is too apron like at all..especially in person. and p.s. being an a cup isn't always fun. i h a t e underwear shopping. and i want to feel more womanly!!

  3. I just found your beautiful blog through your flickr and you really tempt me with all the things you pick out!
    I was shocked when I saw the size chart for the japanese pattern books...how can anyone even fit into the L size? The only comforting thought - they base it on women that are 160cm tall...6cm smaller than me...I'd be a giantess in Japan! :)
    Can't wait to see what you'll do with this pattern...

  4. If it feels to tented, maybe you can make a little belt in the same fabric to tie around the waist? Or would that ruin the whole silhouette? Either way, I'm sure it will look lovely.

  5. I agree with Mia. A little fabric waist cincher would tidy up that apron feel, and if you're worried about your boobies (haha yes I said boobies!)being on display, you could either raise the neckline or make the ruffle a wee bit smaller. I think that would work, and it's not very hard to do. Good luck!

  6. Thanks, guys! I think the apron-y thing was partially because it gets a bit tent-like on me, but the belt solution is perfect (I don't know why I didn't think of that).

    Anke, hello! I don't feel so badly about the 160cm thing because that's my height, haha.

    April, it's not so much the boobies showing thing as it is that the boobies make the rest of the dress kind of flare out too much! Bah.

  7. Oh, that book looks so good.
    Yay for ruffles!

  8. Anonymous3.7.08

    i want to see how your dress turned out, what fabric did you use? i've got that dress bookmarked in my 'Stylish Dress Book', it looks so so cute!