mark your calendars

I've been checking the website religiously for a while, and then it popped up in my daily blog-scroll: There will be a new issue of Lula out soon, on September 8! Apparently it will have two different covers with two different models (I am not one to memorize names of models and can hardly tell most of them apart -- sorry, Baltic ragamuffins!).

Anyhow, this magazine is a little treasure and when you see it on a newsstand, you have to snap it up right away because it won't be there again. I saw the last issue on eBay for $100+. The Kirsten Dunst one is in my nightstand's drawer because I love it so!

Via Loveology.

Oh and I got my mitts on the May/June issue of Frankie last night. I think that's my favourite magazine at the moment, for sure. I wish I were able to find it on a more consistent basis.



When I was a kid, my parents always warned me that I wasn't to speak of money outside of the house.  I suppose that's good advice, except that I don't actually have any to speak of at the moment, really.  If I did, it would certainly go towards a new headband from Bando.  At least three of the blogs in my feed yesterday mentioned it, and I can see why.  Beautiful!

I love that every single item has a little piece of verse to go with it.  That level of attention to detail makes me so happy.
I also love wearing things on my head, although I rarely do; I find that even if I wear a simple feathered headband I get looks, and, well, I'm just too much of a shrinking violet for that.  I suppose that's what daydreams are for... and maybe certain special occasions.  My thirtieth birthday is in December... 

Incidentally, I finally started reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  I am actually a little mad at myself for not having read it earlier -- it's precisely the type of book that I adore.   I'm also reading Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem; the two go together rather nicely, actually.  I have an exam on Thursday, my last ever, but I just want to curl up on the couch and finish reading my books.