When I was a kid, my parents always warned me that I wasn't to speak of money outside of the house.  I suppose that's good advice, except that I don't actually have any to speak of at the moment, really.  If I did, it would certainly go towards a new headband from Bando.  At least three of the blogs in my feed yesterday mentioned it, and I can see why.  Beautiful!

I love that every single item has a little piece of verse to go with it.  That level of attention to detail makes me so happy.
I also love wearing things on my head, although I rarely do; I find that even if I wear a simple feathered headband I get looks, and, well, I'm just too much of a shrinking violet for that.  I suppose that's what daydreams are for... and maybe certain special occasions.  My thirtieth birthday is in December... 

Incidentally, I finally started reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  I am actually a little mad at myself for not having read it earlier -- it's precisely the type of book that I adore.   I'm also reading Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem; the two go together rather nicely, actually.  I have an exam on Thursday, my last ever, but I just want to curl up on the couch and finish reading my books. 


  1. oh man..so much eye candy at this bando site! these are really beautiful. thanks for the link. i know what you mean about wearing things on your head..though for me, certain headbands tend to make me look like a goody-goody? or something like that? i have to be very picky..
    i totally don't condone making your own of these beautiful head pieces at bando, but it would be such a nice idea to get a group of friends together and make pretty head things and photograph them together.:)

    i've never read a tree grows in brookly, but i bet i would like it. i of course really love the movie, and i think about it often. have you seen it?

  2. Aren't they? I'm so glad you like the site! I just love that they're made from re-purposed materials, but don't really look it. That does sound like a nice idea -- maybe I'll start collecting pieces, and saving up my pennies! I guess the only time you can really get away with these kinds of headbands are if you're getting married... oh well!

    I haven't seen the movie, because I'm waiting to finish the book. You'll love the book! I love heroines that are really bookish and observant.

  3. I love head accessories too, but shy away from them. I must be a shrinking voilet too.

  4. Wonderful. I was thinking about making my own headband creations a while ago and after looking at these think i am going to have to give it a go.

  5. There is one headband that is so lovely it makes me wish I were getting married so that I had an occasion to wear it. Although, a 30th birthday also seems like a fit occasion! The styling and photography at the ban.do site is just perfect.

  6. Oh these headbands are so beautiful and I love that them come with haikus. Unfortunately, I learned at a young age they look terrible on my long slender face. The unfairness of it all! Can I live vicariously through you and your leather headband?
    I have been meaning to write you for a long time to tell you, Congratulations on finishing your degree!! I'm so proud of you. What an accomplishment!

  7. I'm glad you all like them! And yes, I think whimsy is a perfect way to celebrate a 30th birthday (or a wedding!).

    Thanks, Erica!

  8. oh these are beautiful!