about that lark & wolff blouse

I bought it (and a slouchy black cardigan to go with it, because Tara-Lynn is right and sometimes you just have to splurge on yourself)! I'm wearing it now and I am very happy with it. One thing, though: it has hidden, in-seam pockets, which are kind of cute in theory but which I find impractical in practice.

(This is the super-cute polka dot version.)

Because of the way this blouse fits on me (a bit fitted at the hips), I know I'll always tuck it in. The pockets create entirely too much bulk, then, in the place where I need it the least. So I took my seam ripper, popped them off, and stitched up the sides. The result is a 100% perfect blouse!

n.b. I've been feeling guilty about something I wrote in that post; I don't hate on cashiers, ever, unless they're outright rude, and I was kidding in that instance. A man at a bookstore I worked at once yelled at me and made me cry because the lineup was long and the "real" bookstore across the street was out of the Sunday NYT. Even if it makes me a pushover sometimes, I will never be like that man! It's just not worth it.


  1. yah you got it! you do deserve to splurge!
    & don't feel guilty doll all your feelings are warranted, because they are your true feelings, does that make sense? of course i constantly feel guilt & even for no reason...

  2. I certainly didn't get the impression you were hating on cashiers, just that they were tied up with those pesky returns (the bane of a retailers existence!). Oh some people can certainly be rude sometimes, I'm so sorry you had that man who made you cry. At the library I work at, a lady said "screw you" to me when I told her she would have to pay an overdue fine. Oi. I think everyone in retail/public service has one of those stories.
    On a more uplifting note, it is important to splurge a little on yourself. My boyfriend always reminds me to use a paycheck to buy something special, even if it is just a new ball of yarn. (He's definitely an enabler! :P) So, Yay for your new blouse, and cardigan!

  3. I've never cried over a rude customer, but I have thrown down my massive 10inch fabric cutting shears, told off the customer and stormed off in a huff! Don't mess with the unstable fabric cutting girl when she's got her shears unless you've got a death wish bitch! Ha ha oh. I just went to my unhappy place...

    and also, I yelled at a customer just two days ago! yay! RETAIL SUCKS! I could go on all day, but I doubt that it's entertaining for anyone but me.

  4. Aw, guys, thanks! I do splurge on myself a little too often. Never in a huge way, but in little ways, which ends up costing more in the long run. Silly me!

    The funny thing about retail is that I both loved and hated it -- I almost always loved my retail co-workers, and I liked standing around and chatting and trying to see how much laziness I could get away with! There are a lot of highly strung people in this town, though. When they would freak out about a book (or a 10-cent overcharge, when I worked in grocery store) it was so ridiculous that you would just kind of have to laugh.

    I knew some people who developed passive-aggressive techniques for dealing with the meanies (one guy used to use his middle finger to scratch his head as he tried to be helpful, for example). I'm just over-emotional, though, so I would cry. Ha!

  5. oh gosh i've cried once over a customer too. it was horrible and i'm still not 100% over it. there are some really mean people in the world.