(Oreo left some cat prints on it -- I have already accepted that there will be cat furs sewn right into the quilt, but luckily Adam & Kate aren't allergic.)

I made the Cutting Corners quilt top last night. It was so easy that now I feel silly for having fretted about it. I took the measurements provided in the book, multiplied them by 1.66 to get something more queen-sized, cut the pieces, and hoped for the best. I ended up having just enough of the County Fair fabric; I only had a couple of inches left over, and had to piece together a few odds and ends to make it last. It was close.

As I sewed it, I doubted my fabric choices. I was upset that I had picked a fabric for the centre panel that I hadn't seen in person first. In the morning light, however, I think it looks quite lovely and I'm very pleased. I think part of my problem with the Volumes fabric is that I made myself sick of it, looking at pictures of it every day, thinking about it all the time, etc. The fabric is really quite beautiful, though.

I'm looking forward to The Workroom's Quilt Sunday this weekend. I can't wait to see this quilt when it's finished!

I hope they'll like it!


  1. Wowey I think that turned out great, I really like your fabric choices especially the blue colour. And well done you for being so confident! The idea of sewing a quilt really intimidates me but I have seen the last minute patchwork book and its gorgeous and I'm sure would persuade me to have a go! Woudl you recommend the book?

  2. holy fast sewing! how could they not like it? it looks amazing! cat hair and all! I really like your fabric choices!

  3. um. WOW. talk about quilt in a day. i love it! can't wait to see it in person.

    this makes me feel like i could manage to make my 'wedding quilt' gift, i was hoping to do.

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    Rebecca, I am not usually confident, but this quilt was so easy. It is definitely easier than making a garment! The book is gorgeous. I would recommend it if only to look through for general inspiration if you're not ready for a quilt yet (but there are other really cute projects in there). I've had it for about a year and I haven't made too much from it yet, other than coasters and this. It definitely made me want to make a quilt, though! She uses such beautiful fabrics, and her writing is perfect. There's a Flickr group for the book, if you're interested.

    April, once I started, I couldn't finish! I started ironing the fabric around 5, and was in bed by midnight. It was kind of fun! Crazytalk!

    Karyn, for sure you could make this in a day! You're probably faster than I am, and again, it was so easy. I didn't even have to consult the instructions once I had everything cut (which didn't take long, because it was just huge strips, selvedge to selvedge; even though it's a bad idea I just tore the fabric!), because it just made sense. I think the hardest part is choosing the fabrics (and for me, the measurements, but it wasn't so bad). We'll see what happens when I try to quilt it. Anyhow I think I spent more time pressing than sewing!

  5. Well I think you deserve an award for all your work - and I have awarded you one ;) teehee. Thanks for the advice on the book I will check out the Flickr page, all the best!

  6. I love the muted prettiness of it. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love it.

  7. Oh I love this quilt top so much!! It looks brilliant and I love your fabric choices. I prefer these modern quilt designs to stars and medallions. I've done a fantastic job!