autumn music

I always find myself listening to the same things in the fall. For the past four years, it's been Sufjan Stevens' Seven Swans. That particular album has special significance for me, because Geoff introduced me to it when we first met, and I have a very fond memory of sitting in the cold on the rooftop at his old apartment while listening to it. That was a near-enchanted time in my life and so the things I listened to then are extra dear to me & make me remember things with a little pang of sorrow & joy. It was an autumn filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. I liked being 25.

A couple of years ago I discovered Grizzly Bear, who are really a year-round favourite. I saw them last year and there didn't seem to be too many people at the show, which I think is a shame. Their music is heartachingly beautiful, and let's face it, these guys are a good-lookin' bunch (not an important criterion with music, but it helps). I listen to Yellow House a lot in the fall. "Colorado" gives me chills. Here they are!

Last week I bought a CD (I haven't purchased a CD in literally YEARS): In Ear Park by Department of Eagles, which features a member of Grizzly Bear who happens to have the loveliest voice. It is fantastic. I think I may end up listening to it more in the spring/summer, but for now I'm playing "Herringbone" and "Around the Bay" on repeat.

In early winter I will probably listen to A River Ain't Too Much To Love by Smog endlessly. The opening song, "Palimpsest" ("winter exposes the nests / and I'm gone"), always makes me think of a trip to High Park a few years ago, where I wound up taking pictures of bare trees with empty nests in them.

There's just something about autumn and early winter that I love more than anything.

I was just reading over some of my last posts and realized that I am really fond of diminutives. Sometimes I wish English had built-in ones so I wouldn't have to write "little" all the time. I like tiny things, cute little things, etc., and I tend to add "-let" to all kinds of things. Silly silly.


  1. Everyone's posting about Department of Eagles at the mo! I'm lovin them too ;)

  2. love love love the department of eagles, too! found your blog today while meandering around the internet, and so happy i did!

  3. Daniel Rossen has the most amazing Vaudevillian voice! I am so in love with both of his bands!!!

  4. yeah! music posts make me so happy, i hardly have to to hunt around for new bands to add to my roster. and it's more fun to get them from your friends.

    i also use the word 'little' a lot (too much?) and some people find it dismissive, but i really just mean it in a cute and precious way...

  5. You know guys, it's true that I've been reading a lot about Department of Eagles on other blogs... and Fleet Foxes too, another band that I like. Maybe I've become the age where all the music I like is music they play at Starbucks! (I haven't heard Dept. of E. at Starbucks, but I've heard Fleet Foxes, and Magnetic Fields, etc.).

    Karyn, that's exactly how I mean it! I see a lot of cute things in a day and I still squeal with delight like a little kid. I think we should just consider it an endearing quality in ourselves. Yes.

  6. I think that a lot of people have an aversion to cuteness! I'm always oooohing and awwwwing over some cute little thing but if I refer to anyone as "being" cute they get all offended, as if I didn't mean it as a compliment! I mean come on! Cuteness is a quality that everyone should aspire to! I appreciate it in all forms.

  7. I totally agree, April. I remember when I was younger (high school?) we were talking about what girls were pretty, etc., like you do, and someone said to me that I was cute. I was crushed. Not only because it was said in this really condescending way, but also because I wanted to be BEAUTIFUL, not someone's kid sister. Now if someone were to say that I was cute I would probably be thrilled. Because a compliment is a compliment and cute is the best!

  8. i also love this time of year!
    this post is really good.
    grizzly bear is also one of my fall/winter go tos.