the hinterland stole

Speaking of winter...

I have been seeing a lot of vintage fur and faux fur collars / stoles / shrugs / capelets / tippets lately (thank you, Erica!), and wanted to make my own. I had a vintage fur one, but I didn't have the heart to wear it, even if it was vintage. I no longer own it.

There are only so many ways to "design" such a simple thing, but I tried to incorporate some elements that I specifically wanted in a stole. I wanted something that would look lovely paired with a silk dress or even with a t-shirt. Ribbon ties were essential, because they are more versatile than other types of fasteners, and because I do love a pretty bow.

Recently I was lucky enough to acquire some fabric from a local high-end designer, and one of the fabrics I chose was a very soft, low pile faux fur. I am not sure of the fabrication but I suspect it is part viscose; it was manufactured by Menchi Tessuti of Italy, who specialize in blends of cashmere, angora, and silk. The quality of this fabric is incredible; I can only imagine how much it would cost under ordinary circumstances. It is so luxurious. Not as luxurious as real fur, naturally, but still luxurious.

After a little experimentation, this was the result: The Hinterland Stole. April, I was thinking of you when I made it, and of course, of our woodland friends from Hinterland Who's Who. This item will appear in my Etsy shop, for, I think, $40 (maybe less, but no more than that), and will be custom-made, if I am given the opportunity to make more! This one is for me.

I have lined the stole with black satin that I machine-quilted (there is a thin layer of cotton batting on the inside to make it nice and toasty), and the ties are made of grosgrain ribbon. When worn, it has a charming old-fashioned quality; think Mad Men, think early '60s -- everyone is talking about that style these days! I love it!

I will have more pictures later because it looks better when worn, but for now, I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek!


  1. oh lovely! i was just thinking of the beautiful mayle shearling collar. such a nice way to dress up an outfit and stay cozy.

  2. Thank you! I love the Mayle one too. The only problem is that it seems to be quite small -- smaller than I wanted, anyhow!

  3. $40? girlfriend that's too cheap! It looks so lovely and the fabric sounds like it's pretty luxurious. The only way that I can condone you charging that little is if it took you a mere 3 minutes to construct from start to finish!
    I've been working on a few little capelets myself. You beat me to the punch!

  4. Are you!? Aw man. Yours will be awesome! I also am going to make some plaid ones (I hope yours will not be plaid), but I want them to look like something Blair Waldorf would wear.

    I have a hard time taking people's money! I am no good with pricing.

  5. ...so lovely!
    I love the 20s-70s style...anything 'vintage' is so charming* Feel free to drop by & hope to hear from you dear!

  6. Super cute!
    I'm also into faux fur or vintage fur. I'm working on a project with my sewing teacher and I need to make fur pompoms.
    And I agree that 40$ is not a lot for something that beautiful.

  7. Wow lovely, I would never think of making something like that but it looks so good!

  8. " want them to look like something Blair Waldorf would wear" - i would very much love to wear something that blair waldorf would wear and so would really very much like to wear what you will be making! :)plaid sounds really good. you are so talented!

  9. Thanks, everyone! Melissa, I guess it's something Blair would wear if Blair would even wear something handmade. Which she wouldn't. That snob!