plaid cape

I recently spent a few weeks making this plaid cape, inspired by the APC cape modeled beautifully here by Erica. Remarkably, I had the buttons already, which I had found in my mother's button jar (one of my favourite things to play with when I was little). I bought the plaid wool at World Sew on Queen, and the lining is navy broadcloth.

It is easy to find vintage cape patterns online. I used McCalls' 9028 from 1967, but McCalls' 9550 from 1968 is readily available on Etsy and I think it is a nicer pattern. It wasn't too difficult to make, but I had some trouble with the lining. As a result, I am not thrilled with the way it drapes, but I don't think this is something I will wear very often.

I wore this cape the night of Nuit Blanche, and while my friends complimented me on it, I got a lot of weird looks while walking around at 3AM in the freezing cold. I also got a "Nice poncho" from a drunken lout (unfortunately, Nuit Blanche crowds seem to be primarily made up of boring drunken louts, and also of clove cigarette smokers, yuck). Still, a new friend who lives in New York told me he liked it and identified it immediately as "so APC." So that was nice.


  1. wow i can't believe you made this! amazing! are you taking orders? LUXURY

  2. needless to say, i am so impressed (and a little embarrassed that i don't know how to sew)!

    one thing i will say about my cape is that the two slits (instead of arm holes) really helps it drape nicely. one of the slits is the diagonal button closure.

    i haven't worn my cape yet, but it's still too warm for wool outerwear. i think yours is lovely, and the buttons look perfect with that plaid!

  3. W2ow I am well impressed at your skills!

  4. that is awesome...i have a few patterns for coats and am too scared to try them out!
    i love the fabric that you've chosen!

  5. anabela, this is awesome! you are constantly amazing with all the goodness you are cranking out!

    ..i haven't gotten teased or whatever about my wardrobe in a little while, but i think mine may have toned down a bit?? which is weird.. but anyway, i wonder sometimes if other girls get teased..like is it a matter of confidence? i can usually sense when someone will have an problem with what i'm wearing, so in return do they act on what i am expecting? haha you know, kinda like the way dogs smell fear? it's so silly.

    my friend, who has always been a nice dresser, was wearing a suit to go to dinner with some friends in a trendy hipster area downtown..he had either just come from a wake, or work, i can't remember which, but someone yelled to him across the way, "we don't want any republicans here!" hahah like..what? they weren't even joking. he's not a republican, btw.

  6. Thanks, everyone, you are too kind!

    Tara: I thought at first that I could make more of these, but it was kind of a pain to make! Maybe next year, haha.

    Erica: My cape is totally amateur and if you saw it in person it probably wouldn't compare at all to the real thing! I did wish I had chosen a pattern with slits, I have to admit. It's a little awkward without them.

    Caitlin: I don't usually care about what people think, but that night I did get an extraordinary amount of comments, and it was totally weird and unexpected. I do think it is a matter of confidence, and I am rarely the most confident person. That said, it has always been a pet peeve of mine when people say things like "And why are you so dressed up" when someone wears a nice skirt or a tie. Like you need a reason to wear something nice! Ah well.

  7. the cape is cute-y and the plaid is perfect. Very british and apc (which i love to death).

  8. Thanks, Karyn! Someone said it was "part hippie, part Victorian" -- I hope she didn't mean that it was costume-y!