quilted out

I finished the quilt.

In all, I'm happy with it. It has a million mistakes, but I have started to think of them as charming (this is after two weeks of tears and angst and lots of self-deprecation).

I thought I should note that the Cutting Corners quilt is in the 8- to 12-hour gift section of Last-Minute Patchwork, but I have estimated that it took me an average of 4 hours a day for two weeks straight (including two vacation days). Of course, the 8- to 12-hours probably doesn't account for the following: making the quilt queen-sized; basting it, basting it wrong, re-basting; making binding, sewing it on, taking it off, and putting it back on; upper thread breaking all the time (thread tension, it just occurred to me); and the all important "never made a quilt before."

I washed it so that it would get all wrinkly and quilty-looking. It's been placed in the drawstring bag I made for it, and now I have to get it to Montreal. Godspeed, little quilt.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to make in the next little while. I bought wool and satin to make a winter coat, and even though I'm nervous that I will mess it up or that it won't look very good, I think that will be next. Or maybe I'll make some simple skirts or coasters first. I feel as though I'm drowning in fabric -- can you relate?


  1. Nice job on the quilt! That Built by Wendy jacket is so sweet, I'd love to see your wool interpretation.

  2. i got the same built by wendy pattern, and i have lining and wool fabric sitting in my cabinet. i feel as if i'm not experienced enough to be sewing a coat! i've sewed up some dresses before, but they don't always turn out great.
    your quilt, on the other hand, is awesome! i've been wanting to learn how to quilt. i love your fabric choices too. you go to the workroom right?
    i was there yesterday and purchased a few quarters. i'm starting to "drown" in fabric, but having lots of fabric doesn't really hurt (except maybe the wallet. harhar).
    have a great weekend and happy thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks, guys! I don't think my coat will be too exciting, if it works out. The wool is a charcoal grey that looks almost black. One of the things I've read in a few places about this coat is that it doesn't really have a lot of shape. Ah well. I actually haven't finalized my choice -- I have this pattern as well and might use it (it looks okay in the illustration for view C, although I don't know about the rows of topstitching on the cuffs).

    Last winter I had a coat from H&M and it was kind of funny to see so many other people walking around wearing the same one, but so weird & awkward (one time I was going up some stairs as someone in the same coat was going down, oh dear).

    Melissa, yeah, I go to The Workroom sometimes! I love the wall of fabric. It's such a beautiful space. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  4. beautiful quilt! the muted colors are really lovely and so versatile.

    i've been crocheting a blanket, and every once in awhile i notice a mistake, but i like that the tiny mistakes are a product of my perseverance.

  5. Anonymous12.10.08

    Your quilt looks great! I just finished binding my first project, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I was planning on making a lap quilt for another wedding this weekend but based on the binding I don't think it's gonna happen til later. But I'm ready to get through some of the stash so I can look at new fabric again!

  6. my god woman! you made your own binding?!!! that's crazy talk! the quilt looks amazing! for realz.

    everyone curses whilst they sew. it's just what happens.

    can I relate to drowning in fabric? hahahaahahahaaa! oh. before I moved out here I got rid of something like 10 garbage bags of stockpiled fabric from my seven year stint as a fabric cutter at good old fanny's fabrics back in the bay. I promised myself to never start hoarding fabric like that again... I lied.

  7. Wooo well done and congratulations to have finished it!! After such a mammoth task I think you should do some quickie crafting to give you instant satisfaction nice work though!

  8. I can very much relate. I have 3 patterns I haven't yet cut out & enough fabric to make four quilts. So many ideas, so little time.

  9. Anabela!! Congratulations on finishing your lovely quilt!! Take lots of photos of it before you give it away, and don't forget to put a label on the back!! Please!! At the very least, put "made by Anabela, October 2008, Toronto, Ontario" on it.

    I'm sorry you had a hard time with the binding; I actually like putting on the bindings of quilts. Maybe I should run a workshop just on bindings...

    Anyway, well done!! :-)

  10. I don't know if any of you check back to see these but I always want to respond!

    Erica: I think that is so great that you're crocheting! I wish I could do it.

    Megrje: I read about a few different binding techniques but I ended up using 1-inch binding tape. It went well the second time around! I found that the Clover brand bias tape maker is the best tape maker.

    April: The binding wasn't so bad! The first time I put it on it wasn't done properly because it was midnight and I was tired (I should have known). And you know, if you want to get rid of some of your stash you can always send me some! YEAH!

    Rebecca: That's the plan! I think I'm going to make myself a little needlebook tonight.

    Ambika: Yes!! I also have a mini stack of patterns to work on. But I did get rid of a few bags of fabric this weekend. It was just sitting there, making me feel sad.

    Johanna: Thank you! I really couldn't have done it without your help. I didn't put a label with my name on it, but I did put one with the name of the bride and groom -- it's about them! I am going to put a "care label" on the drawstring bag that I made for them to store the quilt in, so maybe I can put my name on that. The binding wasn't so bad. I was so intimidated but it wasn't as bad -- I only took it off because I knew I could do better!