sweet little folded things

Last night I finally got around to making a little needle book. I don't do too much hand-sewing (I avoid it when I can) but I am always trying to locate my hand-sewing needles. This little book was inspired by all the Japanese craft books I like to look through (linen, cotton lace, and a little piece of leather -- very "Japanese craft" elements). I was also influenced by a recent trip to one of the sweetest children's stores I've visited: Polka Dot Kids. I had never stepped inside as I rarely have occasion to buy children's things. I happened to pop in a few weeks ago after a croissant and coffee at Clafouti and was delighted to find a shop stocked with the loveliest Japanese and French imports. I wished everything came in adult sizes! Anyhow, I thought it would be nice if I could make something that looked as though it could have come from there, which is where the apple button fits in.

The pages are made of white cotton flannel, which is actually a lovely fabric I'd love to use more often. It's so soft! The needle book was made hastily, but again, I am learning to love imperfections.

I was also inspired by Claire's new Etsy shop, My Favourite Dress. Claire has always been so sweet and has sent me lovely trims and laces in the mail. I gasped when I saw her little wallets; I am forever on the hunt for a wallet I like. When I saw that there is a pocket for coins, I immediately bought the Jenny wallet. I can't wait for it to arrive. And isn't the picture of it pretty enough to frame? I think so.

(photo by Claire)

I am so proud to know, even Internet-know (!), so many talented and beautiful people. Sometimes I feel silly posting my little things up here, but you all make me feel better about it. <3


  1. i love polka dot kids! i was just there last friday!
    i was thisclose to buying rubber stamps & these polkadotted valises for my sewing stuff.
    your little needle book is adorable, by the way! i love all the materials that you've used and it is very inspiring. i think i'd like to make one and perhaps buy buttons just like yours!

  2. Yes! I'm so glad you like the shop too; it really is the sweetest. I almost bought linen thread and some of the little cookie cutters when I was there -- but I didn't, for some reason. The rubber stamps are great, too!

    Thank you! I just can't get enough of linen, the colour, the texture... I'm sure you will be able to find cute apple buttons. I have some plain white apples that I found at Fabricland, but I'm certain apples just like these are easy to find too!

  3. Your needle book looks beautiful! I agree, it's very Japanese craft book looking. The combination of soft gray and the lace is so pretty.

    have a lovely day,

  4. I adore the lace trim and little leather button flap. I'm inspired to make my own since I loathe the little paper case my needles currently live in...

  5. Ooo thats a very cute zakka type needle case, I keep meaning to make one as I keep loosing my needles! Its so easy to get carried away with Japanese fabrics and ribbons isn't it?! It makes me want to visit Japan just to find all the fabrics, I bet its super cheap over there!

  6. oh how beautiful!


  7. i love your needle book! and the apple button.