winter is coming

(Image from the Toast website)

This morning I woke up and was somewhat unhappy to see a light dusting of snow on the shingles of my neighbour's roof. I am not ready for winter! I don't have a winter coat yet, beyond an ill-fitting J. Crew pea coat that I use when it's particularly cold (for its Thinsulate lining!). Nor do I have sturdy boots that will hold up through the slush & sleet of Toronto winters, not to mention the awful salt I have to trudge through while walking to & from campus. Do you have good winter boots? I am terrified of breaking more bones on icy patches, and I hate wet feet more than anything. I had to get rid of last year's pair as I couldn't stand the sight of them after the interminable winter of early '08.

I was happy to receive an e-mail from Toast earlier, directing me to the "Getting Colder" section of their website. I've been making a few things for the as-yet-non-existent Etsy shop, and I definitely have had cozy & warm thoughts in mind. The other night I made the "sample" (I cannot use these terms without having an "aw shucks" attitude about it) version of something that is going to have the word "hinterland" in the name. I've been wearing mine around the house for added warmth, and I've been drinking a lot of dark hot chocolate, too. Cocoa Camino, you and I will be good friends over the next few months.

My bike ride home today was a very cold, crisp one, but there were lovely autumn smells in the air, and now, delicious carrot-ginger soup made just for me by Geoff.


  1. Crazy! Its not just the UK that has snow. I fell in love with Toast too, the catalogue is beautiful and everything looks so lovely however when i went into their shop i was a bit dissapointed and then I was dissapointed that I was dissapointed :( It just wasnt as inspirational and eye grabbing as the beautiful pictures ahh well I couldn't afford anything anyhow! Enjoy the snow and their merry men x

  2. It is so unusual to have snow before Hallowe'en! Retailers have already started selling Christmas decorations, though, so I suppose they have been preparing us for winter... I woke up to the local news on the radio and there were so many car accidents, as there always are on the first day of snow!

    I've heard conflicting things about Toast -- I've heard the quality is good, but a friend of mine once told me that she had a dress from there (given to her by her boyfriend's mother) and when she took it to be altered, the seamstress "was not impressed with the quality!" It's for the best really, because with shipping everything is prohibitively expensive! The pictures are so beautiful, though! And I do love getting the catalogues!

  3. i completely agree - i love winter but only when im prepared! i will definitely be investing is some sturdy winterware soon.