jack & marjorie

Last night Geoff & I went to the One of a Kind Christmas show, and he picked up an early Christmas/birthday gift for me, the Madeline bag by Jack & Marjorie (above).  All their bags are made from military surplus materials, but are so feminine and beautiful.  I adore the bell shape of the Madeline.  The one I got is slightly different because she no longer makes them with the tea-dyed cotton ruffle; all the ruffles are made of the green tent canvas.
I have so many purses but I wanted a new one anyhow (it never ends) -- I specifically wanted one made from repurposed / vintage materials, because at this point, it's not too hard to find such a thing.

Now the question is if I can start using the bag now, or if I have to wait another month...


  1. totally jealous of your new bag. how can you wait?! i think you should use it now and enjoy it for the entire holiday season... i hope to get to the OOAK show on monday and i'll definitely seek out their booth!

  2. You're right! I am going to start using it!

    Oooh, please do stop by their booth! Meghan is SO NICE. Row T!

    A few years ago Geoff took some pictures for their website and even though they weren't the most incredible pictures, they gave him (me!) a free bag. So this is my second j&m bag! I would buy the whole range if I could.

  3. I just love their bags. I only saw them for the first time yesterday at the show! You should also check out Hoibo at T5, where I hope to sucker someone into a Christmas gift for me!

  4. Oh wow, what a cool line. & what a lovely early Christmas gift! I don't think I could *not* use it early.

  5. just the right amount of sweetness!

  6. oooh those are great, aren't they? I've been helping out a friend at One of a Kind for the past few days and we both keep finding excuses to drop by the Jack & Marjorie booth.