oh my

I think I need this, but in dress form. I have no problem with looking like pastry.


  1. divine! i would wear it in a heartbeat.

  2. Well your little shop looks stunning, and there is so much more I want! Abby did say it quite well, and so did you: "We all have busy lives; something as simple as going out to buy envelopes and bubble wrap can be a trial and a labour of love."
    It sure is.
    I haven't been able to buy all handmade for Christmas, but everyone on my list is getting at least one item that was made with love by some wonderful etsy sellers, and my knitting list grows everyday!

  3. oops. commented on the wrong post. Seems I have a habit lately of commenting or not commenting in the right spots.
    You'd be the best looking pastry ever. :P Laduree even.
    Actually! That has the same idea as the Built by Wendy pattern 3835. You would just have to create the collar!

  4. Aw, thanks Erica. A Laudrée pastry! Wow! And you know, you're totally right about that pattern! I'll have to try it!