This girl is the cutest.

(From Face Hunter)

I love her bag, in all its wood handled, carpet baggy glory. It has set me off a-scourin' eBay for something similar, which is so silly! I am not fond of purses that I cannot wear on my shoulder. I don't know about you, but when I have to carry my purses in my hand, I always transfer them to the crook of my arm. I can guarantee that later that same day, I will be moaning about how my arm hurts. I still love the doily bag I made, and I recently acquired this exact bag from eBay (a total impulse! It was $3.99! I bid and instantly regretted it! The bag is cute, though). I do not need any more bags of this sort.

The girl below (also from Face Hunter, also from summertime Australia) has inspired me to hunt down some mustard-coloured fabric. The little bow is the sweetest. I wish I could see what book she is reading!


  1. haha i thought the same thing when i looked at the second photo - oooh whats that book? i always find myself looking at the "wrong" things in a picture, but i think its quirky :)

  2. ha ha! I always do that too! sometimes my elbow locks in that 90 degree Barbie arm angle!

  3. i think that first girl is emily browning, she is an actress. she's so cute.
    my grandmother had a bag just like that! i used to carry around all of my toys in it, i loved it so much.

  4. Yes, I totally know what you mean about bags not being on your shoulder. Just not as convenient either but so cute at the same time. Ah, the dilemma.

  5. katrina's right, it is emily browning, I see her around Melbourne all the time at concerts etc. And as a matter of fact I wanted Lemony Snickets like 3 days ago.