lovely things

Last week I had some really beautiful mail arrive in my mailbox, as I mentioned below. Two things were completely unexpected and they made me so happy: a birthday card from April and a Christmas card from Erica. Aren't they cute? I am so honoured that you ladies thought of me. Thank you, you beauties, you darling girls.

Another lovely thing was this banner that I got from Caitlin of Nice. Caitlin was one of the first people I met through Etsy and through having a blog, about a year ago now, and she's always been so kind and generous. I knew the banner was coming, the package itself was filled with Nice postcards and a package of Bow & Arrow notecards that I had had in my Etsy favourites for a while. I hung the banner up with tape for now, until I decide on the perfect spot. I think I will leave it up all year round. It will help me remember that every day deserves a "Hooray!" Sort of the anti-"TGIF, y'all!" TGIEveryday.

I didn't mention the slippers I got from Dear Birthday -- they are made of Liberty scraps and have been hand-quilted. I'm wearing them now and they are keeping my feet toasty warm, which is nice because earlier today I was seriously wondering how much time I had left before I lost my feet to frostbite. They have little suede hearts on the bottom; they also feature a stunning example of penmanship on the inside. I am so happy to finally own a Dear Birthday item.

Finally, I got this little pouch from Forest Bound, a little shop that is very much after my own heart, one that I adore. The pouch matches my bag perfectly, and came perfectly packaged. I keep my wallet and keys inside so that I don't have to spend too much time out in the cold digging for them. It was only $13. $13 seems like very little for such a burst of happiness when opening one's mail...

(Image from Forest Bound)


  1. I also have a lace pouch from Forest Bound and love it!

  2. you are so blessed to have such talented and generous friends! i love all of your packages :)

  3. i love that banner :)
    i've been wanting to purchase one for ages, but have never gotten around to it!
    lovely goodies.

  4. it looks so goooood. seriously it brings me such joy..

    i have a cuckoo clock like that as well! i have the wood one..it was the only style left..and i like it..but i do love that shade of blue! maybe i'll eventually paint mine..i already painted the edges bright yellow haha. also i put two easter chicks in the cuckoo hole.. wow that sounds dirty?