sephora by opi

After Kate's post on Sephora by OPI's nail polish called "Metro Chic" (seriously, bad name) I decided to hunt it down. I was walking past Sephora earlier today, went in, and picked up the last bottle. On a foolish whim, I asked someone if they had more -- she insisted on unpacking some new boxes in the back. I think people are going mad for this nail polish ("Let me tell you," the girl said. "Let me tell you!"). So now I have two bottles and I don't really need both of them. Like who spends $26 on nail polish in one go?

I wear makeup a little bit, and I like makeup, but I think that a store full of makeup really is quite boring. I still have tomboy tendencies, I think, athough I will very very rarely leave my home without a face covered in foundation. I am very complex (obviously).

Earlier this year I tried mixing my own grey polish, and although it worked, it didn't have a very nice consistency. I like how this one is more purple, too.


  1. you're awesome.
    I like you.

  2. I've been thinking that I need to restock my make-up supply...

    ...maybe some lovely polish, some new MAC eyeshadow, new brushes, blush, liquid liner...

    *sigh* big dreams.

  3. i almost bought some grey nailpolish a couple of weeks ago! (OPI though, we don't have sephora here) that color looks nice. let's see it on!
    i wear a little makeup everyday too. although, sometimes it looks like i'm not, i still am. i like it, it makes me happy.
    and being complex is such a good thing.

  4. i noticed your new polish on saturday - i love it and i love grey. i always end up chipping my nail polish right after i put it on... sigh.

  5. Karyn, you are so observant! My nails were pretty badly chipped by Sunday! I poked my thumb with a needle a few times during the class and all the polish flaked off!

  6. i also notice that your blog header is the same colour as the nail polish and i really like it. i'm totally loving purplish shades right now.

  7. I am too! Plums and lavenders are my favourite at the moment.