some presents

I didn't give away too many presents this year (my co-workers and I went out for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms instead, for example, which was so lovely!), and I certainly didn't wrap mine beautifully. It was all very last minute. I gave Geoff a Bialetti Brikka and a Nigel Peake poster; these weren't last minute, and in fact we started using them before Christmas had arrived. I do love giving presents, perhaps moreso than receiving them.

I did receive some wonderful presents this year, though. Some of them are possibly birthday-slash-Christmas presents, but that's fine with me. Everything was unexpected to begin with, after so many birthdays on December 27! I am so grateful for all of the presents & wishes.

The sewing books were from Annie, who clearly knows me very well. The two Japanese ones came from Kinokuniya, and the vintage book from an antique market in Cobourg. The amaryllis bulb (there are two of them, actually) came from Ben and Tara, and the perpetual calendar from Adam and Kate, who also renewed my subscription to Craft magazine. There were also Godiva chocolates, television on DVD, the always-appreciated envelope of cash from my parents, and, of course, the multiple presents I bought for myself (such as this coat, which nearly reaches the floor on me, and which I hope will keep me warm over the next few cold months).

I will have to post about Geoff's present to me later. It's a pretty good one, I think!

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