I was tagged by the lovely Tara-Lynn to write about six things that make me happy! I think that none of this will come as a great surprise to anyone who has been even casually browsing this blog. There are certainly more than six things that make me happy!

1. Cats, kittens, and also, cat sweaters! I used to be more of a dog person but I like how cats are quiet and don't need to go outside to pee! There's an animal hospital down the street that has kittens in the window; walking past and kitten-spotting is one of the greatest joys of my life. Especially when they're awake and tumbling around.

2. Thrifting. I love going when I'm feeling kind of sad because I find it soothing. I walk around aimlessly for hours and I pick through everything. Also, antiques markets. I chalk that up to being a little bit nosy and getting to pick through other people's things (here's a tip: if you're a naturally curious / nosy person, become an archivist! Then you can do it professionally!).

3. Lovely mail!

4. Little treats, like a few bites of a very good pastry or a hot chocolate with whipped cream. But really I am not so delicate as that and also like eating cupcakes in a few bites.

5. Skirts and dresses! I don't pay attention to pants or jeans because I never wear them! Remember when you were a little kid and got a good twirling skirt? I still love that (or at least thinking about it, because I don't wear many twirling skirts these days).

6. Taking the occasional vacation day and doing absolutely nothing special with it at all, just puttering around, going for a walk, etc.

I'm not going to tag anyone for the moment, but I'd love to read your lists. xo


  1. There's a shop/shelter called Animal Talk that, despite the fact that we won't be getting any more, the boyfriend & I love to stop at & just say 'hi' to the cats.

  2. lovely list! i recently make a similar list on my blog with things that make me smile. you should check it out sometime ;)

    happy blogging and happy living!

  3. haha cat sweaters are indeed awesome

  4. That kitty sweater is the cutest thing!

  5. too funny- i JUST tagged you on my blog! obviously, don't feel you have to play along.
    and i love that cat sweater.
    and your purple skirt. it looks great!