tea for two

April is so amazing. Besides being absolutely hilarious and the most awesome e-mail writer ever, she has stunning skills in millinery. Yesterday she added this to her Etsy shop: the Tea for Two cocktail hat. So carefully hand-stitched, without a spot of glue (that goes without saying, of course). I've seen a lot of cocktail hats around lately and April's are amongst the most perfect I've seen. These are couture hats. I need one of them on my head!

A couple of years ago I read the book Them by Francine du Plessix Gray; Francine's mother, Tatiana, was a hat-maker for Saks from the 1940s to the 1960s. I adored all the passages in the book that described her atelier, filled with feathers and trims, with her mother perched on her chair stitching the embellishments in place. I am always so happy to see that it's not a completely lost art.


  1. Wow! They are amazing.

  2. you are such a sweetie Anabela!!!!! I just popped over here to get a link to your etsy shop for the post I'm doing right now!!! sistas!

    oops! there's a wee bit of glue... but it's only on the inside!

  3. Aw, I'm sure you only used it because you had no other choice! I've seen a lot of cocktail hats that are 100% held together with glue.

  4. April is one amazing little lady, no? Her e-mails kill me (to be so witty on-line!) and her etsy shop creations are masterpieces. She's cute as a button in person, too. Love her.