tiny tree

I haven't had a tree up since 2002, and when I mentioned that to April in an e-mail, she told me my glitter factor was way low! I knew she was right, and so I picked up a tiny, three foot tall plastic tree that I carted home on the subway at rush hour (even a tiny box in such a situation is unpleasant). I got it at Urban Outfitters, where they were 30% off. I also picked up these amazing multi-coloured glass balls. I had some vintage ones at home, but they would have been too big for my tiny tree. I bought the white tree with the vintage ornaments in mind. I do really like white trees.

I tied a piece of gold-colour sequin trim to the top for an instant tree topper and to up the glitter factor exponentially!

We gave the digital SLR back tonight so these were among the last few shots taken with it. Using flash at night made me think that I was taking hilarious Last Night's Party-style photos of my Christmas tree -- my Christmas tree didn't frolic topless on the floor of the bathroom, though.

Oh and there are these, hanging in the hallway:

Two incredible mid-century linen towels I found at the thrift shop this summer for $2 each.

Geoff surprised me by hanging up some little white lights before I got home, and after adding some Christmas cards from Julia Pott to the mix, Christmas is served!


  1. Looking good Anabela! I love white trees! I've wanted one forever. Six years ago I found a giant Martha Stewart GOLD FREAKING LAME tree at like 80% off and I wanted it so bad, but it was the size of my entire apartment at the time and the box would have been impossible to get home, so I left it there. It was the saddest day of my life. I still think of that tree and wonder what might have been... I bet it would have frolicked topless for me.

  2. Gold lame tree?! What? I can't even picture that! I bet it would have totally frolicked topless, trying to act like an American Apparel model in gold lame leggings.

    I wanted the six foot white tree but it was something like $70 and I was like "To hell with it!" (My book dealer boss says that a lot so I'm starting to say it too -- I like it, it makes me feel like a grandpa.)

  3. Super cute! I would love a little white tree but I would die if there was no "fresh tree" smell in my apartment. So we get a real tree every year. And since we don't have a car my dad drives 1 hour to the city so we can put the tree on top...and then he freaks out when he drives in Montreal with a giant tree on his car! Oh, traditions!!!

  4. That is so cute, Claudia! I love real trees but we're not allowed to have them in my building. I have some hand cream that is pine needle scented, though!

  5. so cute anabela!!!! we normally do a real tree, but we aren't this year since we are going away. i think i have to get myself to u.o. and pick one of those up.

    and are you SURE your tree wasn't frolicking around the bathroom? i'd keep your eye on it... ;)