the wild unknown

I came home yesterday to a mailbox stuffed full, and with packages for me on the shelf nearby. It seems I went a little overboard over the last few weeks, oh dear. Everything was so delightful, though. I'll share more soon, but for now, here is my 2009 calendar. It's from the Wild Unknown and features bunnies, hawks, and song lyrics. I had admired it last year and was pleased to see there was a 2009 version. We had a Lotta Jansdotter linen calendar for 2008, but since 2008 didn't quite go the way I wanted it to, I thought something different would be nice.

The January lyrics are from "Feather by Feather" by Smog (here is a great performance by Bill Callahan/Smog. Sometimes Geoff will put it on the evening for us to listen to because Mr Callahan sounds amazing live). Some of the other lyrics in the calendar are by The Band, Will Oldham, Bob Marley, etc.

I'm weirdly superstitious about calendars and always insist on having a beautiful one. It was hard to choose one this year (there are so many lovely calendars out there!), but in the end I went in for bunnies, for "You are a fighter / you are a fighter / you are a fighter," and also for something large.

Bunnies, guide the way.


  1. oh that's so funny! i bought the very same calendar at the craft fair i participated in last weekend and i love it! i can't wait for december to be over so we can put it up. here's to lovely calenders and lovely years!

  2. Valerie, that makes me happy!

    April, when I opened it I thought of you! BUNNIES.

  3. beautiful calendar