alyson fox

I got this print by Alyson Fox in the mail yesterday, which I bought after making a few Etsy sales back in December. I love drawings of people without faces. I often encourage Geoff to leave the faces off his drawings (this one is one of my favourites), although I imagine that drawing them is good practice. It simplifies things, emphasizes other parts of the drawing, and is less distracting. It is also a little haunting, and creepy (in a good way!).

Anyhow, I love the details in this print, especially the scalloped vest. It is so lovely. I have framed it and added it to my wall of happiness.


  1. oh alyson fox's work is my favorite!
    you are lucky to have some of her work :)

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  3. Don't hate me for being a big fat copycat... I just bought this too!