back to work

I hope you all had a wonderful evening last night. Geoff & I watched a few movies from the comfort of our couch, and rang in the new year by laughing & feeling glad that we hadn't gone outside: it was cold (for some reason I seem completely incapable of dealing with the cold lately).

I wish all of you much health, happiness, and love in 2009! Hearts hearts hearts.

I have had the past little while off work, but there just hasn't been much opportunity to make new things for the Etsy shop; as a result, it seems to have grown a little stagnant. Yesterday I decided to go back to work (not work-work) and I made a red plaid tie which I think will be perfect for Valentine's Day. The picture above was actually an accident, but I like how it looks with the vibrant red thread peeking out of the corner.

I made this one for Geoff with a little heart on the label, inspired by Caitlin, who had asked that I put a heart on the tie I sent her. So clever!

I also wanted to mention that I started a Tumblr account as a sort of visual archive. It's a good way to collect some of the beauty I encounter in a day.


  1. you've inspired me to finally get a tumblr account - which means basically admitting to myself that i am bad at blogging and will probably be better at just posting photos! i am excited to keep an eye on yours. it looks so nice already!

  2. Happy new year Anabela and a happy late birthday too :) lucky you with the new snazzy camera and nice work with the new tie .... mmm red. Enjoy your time of work I know I am!x

  3. we stayed in for new years to and it was divine! i can't wait to see how you hit that cosmic jackpot this year. happy new year, happy birthday and so happy to know you!

  4. Happy new year to you, too!

  5. following you on tumblr!
    i am honeyinyourtea