blog things

(The first part of this post was partially inspired by the lovely Ambika, and by this quote posted on Swiss Miss, and reposted on Frolic. There is, of course, a lot more to say on the topic.)

I know a lot of us feel overwhelmed by the astonishing number of incredible ideas and images and thoughts we read or see in a day. I often find myself absently scrolling through my blog feed, just to see the number in bold go down -- and then I think about how funny it is that I can look at all these beautiful things and not even really notice them. I do absorb them, though, in some way. They seep into my subconscious and I dream about them.

The other day two "blog things" converged, with very nice results. First, an image of The Cherry Blossom Girl's Chloe shoes popped into my head, although I remembered them as having two straps. I became overwhelmed with the desire to find a pair of double strap heels, but I had no luck in my quick searches (if I had tiny feets I would consider these slingbacks from allencompanyinc). Then this desire became a desire to go thrifting, and I started thinking about Queen Michelle's "The Calling," which is such an appropriate term. I had a little chuckle to myself. Geoff and I headed out to one of our favourite shops that evening, et voilĂ :

Certainly nowhere near as beautiful as the Chloes, but they'll do for me, especially since they were $7. Thanks, blogs!


  1. i have no idea how people manage to find such wonderful shoes in op shops!! i've never found a pair that even comes close to these. lucky you x

  2. nice shoes!! I can never walk around in heels, not for long anyways. My toes always hurt in a couple hours! I can't believe you found these at $7!!

    I like your new banner a lot :) and your side bar buttons! Don't think I didn't notice!

    (you should wear these babies in a wedding/engagement outfit)

  3. Thanks, Amy!

    Celine, I can't really wear heels either, not for more than a few minutes! And thank you, I'm so glad you noticed! I thought it was time for something fresh! Also! We might have a friend of ours take pictures of us... in CAMBRIDGE!

  4. CAMBRIDGE??? Really?? Where in Cambridge? At the school of architecture? Or cruickston park? I am interested in seeing these photos! you must show me when you finish!

  5. Ohhhhh, I wannnt those!! It's painful how bad I want them! You lucky girl.

  6. i'm really liking the double straps! i've been lusting over a camper pair and i recently saw another one on flickr. it must be a sign. my current dream shoes are comfortable mid heel double straps. i think this obsession must have partially evolved from my love of mary janes

  7. Lauren: It's like the Secret -- if you want something badly enough, it will come to you! Totally!

    Grace: It is a sign, yes. I love feeling a strong desire for a special type of shoe. It's so satisfying when you find it!

  8. Casey over at Elegant Musings had this really timely link up -- a list by another blogger of what to do when your inspiration is lagging. It included just turning everything off--which I have to admit has really helped over the past week. Who knew...