I am the worst at getting out of bed.  I tend to remain in bed for one whole hour after my alarm has gone off for the first time.  It is appalling, and I don't know what to do about it.  I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid sodium and take multivitamins and drink lots and lots of water and I walk an hour a day or more and I do yoga occasionally and I'm a decidedly non-depressed person -- but I cannot get my bum out of bed in the morning.  Bed is just so warm and cozy and my sleep is so deep and my dreams so engrossing!  Geoff tries to lure me out with cups of coffee held to my nose, but sometimes even that doesn't work.

The most annoying part of all of this is even if I do get out of bed early/-ish, I still putter and dawdle away the morning and I have to stay at work late; the cruelest part of all of this is that I love mornings.  So fresh, so lovely!  And me so sleepy.

Anyhow, today I bought a Clocky clock in the hopes that it will annoy me out of bed.  I'd seen it online a while back and now they are available locally (I bought mine at Rolo in Yorkville).  I am so desperate to change this sleepyhead sitch that I don't even care that it was $80 after taxes.

Oreo, hang on to your fur, 'cause your life is going to change.


  1. i hope that ends up working for you! i have the same. exact. problem. i think mornings are the most beautiful time of the day, but i always miss them because i am sound asleep in my comfy bed.

    my solutions:

    1. sleep forever. hibernation could become a fad, right?

    2. remove mattress from bed. mmm coils!

    3. rearrange your work schedule and those around you to start past noon and end before midnight. the world will adjust.

    4. buy better smelling coffee.

    thats all i got. best of luck! :P

  2. LOLOL! i love clocky! you'll have to report on how clocky does with your morning sitch... it's 1:35am and here i am chuckling over a timepiece, while tomorrow morning i'll rush around wishing i had time for breakfast.

  3. I didn't know about Clocky... he's hilarious! But a bit annoying too... You mean you are actually going to chase him around the bedroom? haha! :)

    I confess I have the same problem, especially in Winter. My house is so cold... (people in Portugal don't believe in central heating...)

  4. hmm that could be cute or it could be annoying
    can you tell i'm not a morning person either
    i was thinking about getting the clock that dispenses chocolate although i can't recall the name of it
    that might work for me

  5. oh. my. god.
    that thing is my worst nightmare come to life! I would end up smashing the little bastard to smithereens on it's first use. good luck Anabela...

  6. I am completely with you! It is a huge problem!

  7. Anonymous24.1.09

    My puppy went absolutely crazy just from the video so I can't imagine how traumatized he would be by the real thing.

  8. My husband needs that! Right now he has a bomb alarm clock.


  9. OMG, I have thought about getting a clocky... I would love to know what you think of it once you start using it!