dreaming of spring

(I took this picture with my Diana last April.)

When I see images of flowers, I start to feel so excited about the coming of spring. Peonies make me particularly wistful, it seems. And I believe that sometimes the anticipation is nearly as good as its arrival. Today is one of those days in which it feels as though spring will never come; my boots are salt-stained and slush-dampened, my hair has gone curly from walking in wet snow. It's so dark when I leave work. I cannot stop thinking about how lovely it is in Australia right now.

Since I have sunshine on my mind, I made a turban last night out of some lacey knit fabric I have -- I'm happy with the result and may add it to my Etsy shop within the next few days.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for the lovely comments on my last post. It was so, so nice to read them. I love my little group of blog-readers! xo


  1. I'm feeling that January itch, too, here in New York. I remember Toronto was really cold, especially downtown with all the wind. Stay warm, and just think about your wedding plans! :)

  2. Hi, this is a lovely photo that you have posted. It captured the mood of Spring. Congratulations on your engagement! The ring is really beautiful and I am sure the much awaited spring will be lovely as well!

  3. what a gorgeous photo! i can't wait to see savannah in the spring. flowers are somehow already blooming and it is just too lovely for words. luckily, i have a camera attached to my hip ;)

    as always, enjoying your blog!

  4. Anonymous20.1.09

    i just LOVE the photo you took..i have a diana as well and i can't wait for those warm afternoons to come again so i can go wandering around shooting photos! i just came across your blog and i love it! :D

  5. Ohhh, I wanna see that lacey turban!!