I wonder if this could be accomplished by drawing on a pair of tights with a fine point marker. I'll have to ask my in-house illustrator.

From here.


  1. i would try screen printing. idk its a tuffy!

  2. Anonymous26.2.09

    i bet you could draw it on paper & like, print it on that special iron on paper? good stuff, not the stuff that makes it all stiff & you can see the border around. you know?

  3. Those are really nice!
    I think he'd have to draw them on whilst you wear them... sexy time! Just sayin', I don't think it would work any other way.

  4. Erin: My only experience with iron on paper was with the bad stuff and it flaked right off. I didn't realize there was something better! Oooh!

    April: Haha! You made me think of a movie a bunch of girls from high school were obsessed with -- the Pillow Book? Some '90s thing that girls liked, along with Girl, Interrupted and whatnot.

  5. i'm catching up on your blog. i'm going to explain this later..

    anyway these are really, really nice! talk about perfect colors though..i wonder if you can find a substitute? you can totally draw them on! like someone said, you'll have to do it while they are on haha. want to know why i know this? because there was a science teacher in our high school who dressed up as the Riddler from Batmand one year and totally wore green nights with question marks all over. he said he had to do it while they were on, haha.

  6. Yeah! The Pillow Book! I like Peter Greenaway. I don't care what anyone says about his films; they're really dark and morbid, but they're also a treat for the eyes!