laugh out loud

I get my hair cut at the Aveda Academy. I've been doing this for years. It's only $35 and since the stylists are students, they are rarely there for more than two haircuts (they have three-month terms, I believe, then they move to colouring). I don't have to feel bad if I just sit there daydreaming and not chit-chatting about this & that, because I probably won't see the person again. They're always really nice, though.

For a while I was going to a "real" stylist who charged twice that. She chopped many layers into my hair which I have been trying to grow out -- I want my hair to be one length. The Academy stylists don't touch the layers and just trim the bottom; in the meantime, and because it's winter, the tips have become damaged. But my part-hippie heart isn't too bothered. The damage will get cut off eventually, and it's not that noticeable, really (see photo). Unless you're a stylist.

Today I went in for a haircut, and after inspecting my hair, the stylist turned my chair around and looked at me sternly. She said my hair was so damaged that I was going to "lose it" if I didn't take better care of it. She told me she was worried about it, and that I had to really keep on top of the home care. I promised to buy the Smooth Infusion because I was so impressed with how much she cared about the heat from the flat iron I use once a week.

Anyhow, the point of this whole long post is that while she was blow-drying my hair, I was sitting there thinking about how I was going to tell Geoff about the lecture and how he was going to react, and I laughed out loud.

My hair smells so good right now, and it's so soft. I love it.


  1. Do you just call the academy and make an appointment? A few years ago, someone recommended the Vidal Sassoon students to me, but when I called them, they asked about my hair type, the length, what I wanted done, and said they'll call if they have someone interested in cutting my hair. I never heard back from them.

  2. Hey Yulanda! Yeah, you just call, maybe 416-921-2961 (there are a bunch of numbers and I always call the wrong one, but get redirected). It operates like a regular salon except that you have to sign a waiver at the beginning stating that you understand that it is a school, etc. Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks to get an appointment, and the appointment is pretty long, 1.5h. I think that at Vidal Sassoon the students work on a style at a time, so everyone gets the same haircut, but it's free. At Aveda they'll do whatever you want them to do.

    I was thinking today that one of the reasons why I like it is because since it's a school, what they're learning is always the latest thing, it's always fresh.

    I've recommended it to everyone I know and some people haven't liked it, but I guess it's a personality thing, too. Some people like going to the same stylist every time. I've just never been able to find one that I loved.

  3. Oh, awesome! I'm long overdue for a haircut so I may give them a call. Even if I have to wait a few weeks it won't be too bad since my hair is already ugh. I really like your hair, which is why I'm interested in trying the Academy!

    I've been going to the same stylist for years and she does a decent job, but sometimes it's fun to change it up with some fresh eyes / scissors.

  4. Aw, thanks! And yeah, I agree. A lot of the people I've met at the Academy were people who worked in other salons for years but who decided to re-train, which is definitely a good thing.

  5. i'm really bad at getting regular haircuts, but i need to start getting better! now you've frightened me! haha your hair is lovely though. maybe i will try this miracle smooth infusion.

  6. Oh hey Katrina, I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to be frightening! I didn't want to come across as making fun of her, but I thought the whole lecture was really silly. It's just HAIR! You know? You cut it off and it grows back. A nice haircut is good, and having good hair is nice, but really, who cares.

    There have been times where I've gone almost a year without getting a haircut, but I didn't tell her that!. And I have one million thick brown hairs on my head -- I'm not going to lose my hair any time soon. I just thought it was funny.