the many moods of anabela

Hooray! I took the day off from the bookdealer's. Instead of going in to catalogue ancient literary criticism texts, I went to see my jetsetting parents off to the airport for their all-inclusive resort trip to Aruba. Then I went to the mall. Oh the mall, how I love the mall. Instead of making a little bit of money, I decided to spend a whole bunch of it! It is these irresponsible decisions that ensure that I will stay firmly rooted in adolescence, even if I am 30 years old (I keep reminding you of this -- it still fills me with wonder that I am 30!).

I bought Geoff this green gingham shirt at the mall. A slim fit, extra small. Oh my little darling. I hope he likes it because I can't return it. Yikes!

The lovely young man in large glasses and a bowtie who helped me dig out the one extra small from amongst the many larges and extra larges asked me if I was a university or college student, because I would get a discount. I said that I wasn't, and he said I looked like one. I wanted to hug him.

Then I went to H&M where I bought these ridiculous lavender (lavender again!) sunnies. This is the trashiest photo I will ever post -- I am feeling brave today! Me in my underwear showing you the tattoo I got when I was a teenager. I know, I know, 'tis a beaut! In any case, there is a certain young lady arriving in Toronto soon; when you arrive I promise to spirit you away for the occasional ridiculous accessory binge at H&M. Sometimes a pair of $4.90 lavender tights does wonders for the poor soul who is writing papers on metadata retrieval & whatnot.

I can testify! Here are my new lavender tights, worn with my Frye t-straps. Oh, you noticed my mismatched ankles? Yes! One of the perils of living in the hinterland is ice. Sometimes one falls and breaks one's ankles and they never heal in a pretty way again.

Now I am at home, Geoff has come through the door, I have fresh coffee, and Belle & Sebastian playing. I am also admiring the recipe cards I got for my friend Kate for her birthday. They arrived today: custom letterpress cards from The Petite Press. I am in awe of these cards! Inexpensive ($18 for 20), beautiful, and the packaging was so lovely! I know Kate will like them. She has the prettiest name!

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious day wherever you are. xo


  1. sounds like such a lovely day! the recipe cards are such a great idea, and i can't believe how affordable they are.

    now i feel like going to target or h&m and living it up, too!

  2. glad you are living life! :)

  3. Oh, you make me smile. :)
    I cannot wait for accessory binges with you.

  4. anabela, i lvoe this picture of you, it ties with the one of you in 3d glasses & teh cat sweater one too actually (i think cat)...
    oh teenager tattoos, i got my first tattoo in a biker shop when i was 13, its flowers,which i then got covered with tribal-ish work when i was 17 in a basement by a friend...oh dear, thankfully i never had the $ to get all the tattoos i wanted like celtic arm band, nautical stars, who knows what else i woulda gotten...
    now i'm trying to get money to cover my embaressing earlier ink

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! The weather was gorgeous this afternoon. And! You do NOT look 30. In fact, I thought you were younger then me!

  6. You are adorable with your adventures. & I agree that April is a comedic genius--I wish I was half as clever.

  7. oh anabela...
    i love your many moods!

    today sounds like the perfect day...

    oh, how i love those tights! i think i need some... yes. i do.

    your tattoo... those glasses... and in your skivvies! what an awesome photo!
    (i'm glad i waited to get a tattoo... who knows what the high school me would have wanted... i cringe just thinking about it!)

    have a lovely weekend lady! (and to geoff too!)

  8. that photo is awesome! and i love the purple tights.

  9. I think geoff would look great in that shirt! Only few people can pull off a shirt like that.
    Great picture!
    I was curious about your tattoo!

  10. sounds like a perfect day. i should take days off like that more often!

  11. wheee! how awesome for you to share that cute moment when you were having fun with yourself. it made my night.

  12. Adorable! I love that photo of you!

  13. you look so cute! And, that tattoo isn't bad! From the way you described it, I thought it must have been a tattoo of Hello Kitty or something....now, THAT could be bad, but this...not so embarrassing. Sorry you hate it though. At least it's not in a conspicuous spot!