mini date

New dress on the left, new shirt on the right. Geoff is wearing his cross stitch monogram badge from treefox (I forgot to transfer mine to this coat). We stopped at Lettieri in Yorkville on Valentine's; when we first started dating, I worked at a bookstore in the area. Geoff used to meet me before my shift and we would have coffee. I always thought it was the sweetest thing, especially since I started early on Saturdays.

I decided a few weeks ago that I would do a few new things: wear more bright colours, and take more pictures. This was an early attempt, although the coat is covering my peach dress. There's a little ruffle peeking out, though.


  1. you both look so adorable. i love the little peek of color.

    alas, i have gone back to my old ways of brown, navy, and dark grey. it's so hard to keep new resolutions when it's still winter!

  2. Thank you, sweet Erica!

    Most of my clothes are dark. I think that comes from a life-long obsession with the idea that black is slimming, which is kind of sad. I feel so happy when I see a girl walking down the street in a bright red coat in midwinter. It lifts my spirits!

  3. Anonymous16.2.09

    you two! it's so cool to see a badge in action! thanks for posting this! <3