small magazine

I came upon this spread from Small magazine via Simple Lovely, and thought "oh oh oh." Usually I feel a bit anxious when looking at children's things because I have this deep fear that I will never be able to afford children of my own (tick tock, tick tock). Or at least that I won't be able to dress them in the sweetest little outfits and send them to good schools and to ballet lessons. This is very upper-middle class of me, maybe. But I cannot resist things in minature sizes, especially little girl things.

The above cape reminded me so much of my own Blair capelet that I did a double-take and leaned in closer to the screen. I wish I had kept one for myself, but I ran out of that lovely wool/rayon fabric and couldn't find anything like it anymore. Next fall, maybe.


  1. small magazine is amazing! i wish there were grown-up sizes for pretty much everything featured.

    i'm also obsessed with little girl things. having a boy means fewer temptations for me, though. a striped shirt or plaid button down and skinny jeans are all he needs from now until he's 99!

  2. I love this capelet - hope you make more in the Fall! I only share your love of kid's clothes insofar as I want them in grown-up sizes...

  3. i was reading this magazine last night too! yes, i love the wee clothes, but like Jane, mostly wish i could fit into them myself.

  4. Oh, Anabela, I have the same fears myself...