two months' notice

After two years spent complaining about our neighbourhood, Geoff and I are finally handing in our notice & embarking on a new apartment search. We love the apartment, we love the ravines nearby and all the trees... but then we'll take a walk in another neighbourhood and bump into at least two of our friends. When we head down the subway stairs, we have heavy hearts.

So, and I know this is a longshot, if you happen to live in Toronto and hear anything about a one bedroom apartment somewhere within the parameters of Dupont-Queen, Spadina-Brock, pretty please let me know! It's for May 1.

I am dreaming of being able to ride my bike all over my new neighbourhood, without having to get off and walk my heavy, one-speed, ancient bike up that dang hill on Avenue Road.

A yard with room for a teepee would be heaven! Image from The Selby.


  1. yeah for moving more downtown! i'll keep my eyes out for something. at least it's a good time to look for an apartment. i'm sure you'll find something very sweet!

  2. I hate that hill too. But I work uptown, so it's a good neighbourhood for me. Oh to work from home, and that home to be that apartment I was hung up on (and still obviously am!)

  3. brock? but the best of toronto is between brock and roncesvalles.

  4. best of luck with your search! ( i love that image, who doesn't want a teepee?)

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Becky: the last few apartments we lived in were at Dupont and Spadina, or College and Harbord, or Dovercourt and Bloor -- as much as I love Roncesvalles and Parkdale, sometimes I forget to consider areas to the southwest! For me, the best of Toronto is a cherry tree in the backyard of a house on Gilbert Avenue.

  6. i need to find a place too!
    looking to move to toronto in the summertime and i'm so very very excited.
    good luck in finding your dream place!

    p.s. i still have to mail you your package...

  7. I have been seeing "for rent" signs lately. I will make note of them for you guys next time I walk past one!