This was on sale for a measly $5 at Urban Outfitters, so I bought one. I don't have anywhere to put it for now, but the colour makes me feel happy. I could have bought a bottle of vitamin D pills and swallowed them all with my morning Americano, but instead I think I will peek into the bag and look at the hook from time to time.

Pantone was certainly right about yellow.


  1. Yellow is such a wonderful color. I'm trying to decide what color of flowers to buy for my birthday yellow might be it! I'd say this was a good five dollar score. I'm sure it will find the perfect place in your home.

    I totally have to mention 3mm wall stickies to hang this. Have you tried them? They're awesome and perfect for walls you can't hammer a nail into. I swear I don't work for them... but I would accept payment for these free promotions. :P

  2. When I read $5 I assumed US dollars and was like "holy cow" that is c-h-e-a-p ! Then I went to Urbans to snatch one up and saw it listed for $14.99.

    Me = confused!!!!
    Then I remembered you are in Toronto.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Erica: Yellow flowers for your birthday would be just perfect! I am of the opinion that all flowers are perfect (I've said it before, I'll say it again!) but yellow ones certainly are lovely. I've tried the 3M stickies in the past! They are very strong.

    Alyssa: Sometimes the stores have lower pricing than online; I've noticed it before. $5 Canadian is like $3.50 USD, so I almost got the thing for free!

  4. ooh! great buy! It is so happy! all of your guests will really feel welcome in your home!
    I love yellow, but am always afraid it will make me look jondus against my skin. But I really really want a yellow fall coat.

  5. ooh I just eyed that at UO the other day! not sure why I passed it up, it's definitely cute and springy.

  6. so fun and springy - prfect for hanging keys or favorite ribbons or simply nothing at all ;)

  7. I want it! It's such a happy little thing!

    I just discovered your blog today, and I read the entire thing over the course of my morning! I love it, and you, and it's fabulous! Hearts and love <333!

  8. the funny thing about that is, that i just bought a yellow couch. i don't even really care for yellow. not sure what came over me. guess pantone was right. ha.

    happy weekend miss.