I have a four year old iBook laptop, and it has finally happened: I can't use it to connect to the internet. I spilled coffee on the keyboard and now it will only boot in safe mode. I would get it fixed, but it has had a number of other hardware problems, and my Apple Care ran out a long time ago. Geoff has the same computer and he is happy to share, but I do enjoy the occasional break from the computer and will embrace this time of sparse internet.

I am not really sure what I'll do in the long run as I don't exactly have $1500 for a new computer (and I would like to stick with Mac, even if Mac's branding is a bit tiresome). I keep thinking that one day it will boot up just fine and work again? I am good at this magical thinking! I will also be hopeful that the perfect refurbished iMac will turn up just for me.

Sweet image from fortysixthatgrace.


  1. poor computer! I have a six year old PowerBook so I can relate. I had to have some hardware replaced a few years ago (after apple care expired) and even though it cost me a pretty penny it was worth the extra years I am getting out of it now, and was MUCH cheaper than getting a new book. you might want to consider getting it fixed by apple. good luck!!!

    ps. I am loving that skirt you posted yesterday :-)

  2. last year when mine died after 5 wonderful years together - i cried. i felt like i lost my friend... sad i know but i do miss being able to browse the internet while sitting on the couch. we have a desk top which i love... and JD has his laptop which is is happy to share. BUT it just isn't the same.

  3. How did you create your background picture?