heart handmade

I'm pleased to write that the lovely (and oh-so-patient) Marichelle of Heart Handmade asked Geoff and I to be a part of the sweet "Other Half" feature. Our interview will run on March 31. It was so fun to answer the questions about me & Geoff and us, and such an honour to be asked. It's a favourite blog of mine and it is always, always inspiring. We're in amazing company there. Thank you, Marichelle!

I was thrilled to see an interview with Caitlin of Nice there today! I've mentioned it before but Caitlin was one of the first people I met through Etsy -- she's just about the most darling person that could be, and her work is so beautiful (and I have to add, she has incredible taste in music and in cardigans). I am lucky to have received a few treats from her over the years. Read the interview with Caitlin here.


  1. I'm glad that you and Caitlin are getting so much well-deserved recognition lately.

  2. I am so excited for your better half feature! I know it's going to be so good.

    Thanks for the sweet words, Anabela. I am so glad we got to talking way back when- it was an instant connection! ...and I did an lol over the cardigan comment, haha.