oh joanna

Thank you all for your lovely comments about Bakers Dozen! I've been glowing all day and I am so grateful to Amy. What a sweet project.

A few people have commented on how much they love Joanna Newsom. I love her too! I'm not really a quotation-loving person, and so I thought I would provide a little context. This was the last question and answer from the interview, and it is so wonderful.

BLVR: One final question -- if you could know the day and time of your own death, would you want to know? Or would you rather not?

JN: If I could be assured that I'd be old, then yes I'd want to know. But I'm so easily made sad that if I found out I was going to die on my thirtieth birthday I'd probably cry every day between now and then. I can't fathom myself making peace with that idea. I really like being alive. A lot. I'd never want to know, because of the possibility that it's sooner than I'd want it to be. I'd be grieving for my own death every day. I don't think it would make me more productive. Some people get empowered by it and live these really rich beautiful lives. But I don't need the fire behind me, like "You're going to die on your thirtieth birthday, so get cracking, kid!" I'm perfectly happy just to exist.

(Image from this Paper magazine article)


  1. I LOVE her! Both her thoughts and music are raw and beautiful!

  2. She is so dreamy, I too love her.