Sometimes when Geoff and I walk around at night we look through windows to see what the interiors of the houses look like -- we call it "peekins." It's not quite Dickens-style, with our faces pressed against the glass (did any Dickens characters actually do this?), but if people don't have curtains up, I feel perfectly entitled to look inside. I'm sure everyone with an ounce of natural curiosity does this.

Today I logged on to Reader to discover April's living room and more detailed pictures of Caitlin's workspace. Peekins! e-peekins!

April's seating is amazing! It is a Victorian parlor! The colours are so soothing. I adore the sofa, and I could happily faint right onto it.

Caitlin's workspace is so pretty and girly. I love her choices of colour and all the little vintage treats she's gathered! Every item is so beautiful and inspirational.

Aren't my friends amazing?


  1. Anonymous18.3.09

    Chris and I used to do that all the time when we lived in the city. It's so fascinating and a little naughty.

  2. I do that all the time too!

    I adore the wall colour in the top image!

  3. I was so stoked to see April's place, it looks amazing!

  4. I do the same thing! Peekins. Now I have a name for it.


  5. I do that! Sometimes I do it when I'm driving--I don't slow down or anything creepy though--which is not very safe but oh well. My favorite is a house on one of the big streets that has a huge stairway in front of a big window :)

    I hate though, going by my old house and seeing that not only did they ruin it by painting the outside a heinous combination of colors, but also ruined the inside :(

  6. peekins! I do that too! I always poke Jin and go "look! their house is so much neater than ours!!!"
    OH! I saw a for rent sign on my street today. Shall I send you the number? Or have you guys found a new home already? (I hope you did!!)
    I tagged you by the way! It's a long one!

  7. clearly it's perfectly acceptable to do peekins. if it was a recognized hobby or sport, i would definitely be signed up. when i lived in new york, i had particlar posh streets that i love to walk along late at night so that i could get the juicy peekins and admire people's super expensive art.

  8. ok that blue couch! wow!!!

    i totally do the peekins too. i think i always have haha. sometimes it can be really odd, especially in the city..there are sections where all you can see at night is a dark room and their huge flat tv on the wall. we have named these "flat screen allies". haha

    jeeze thanks for the second mention lady haha..i'm glad you like my space, i of course like it too, but was worried people would think i'm a crazy little mess! haha

  9. I love peeking inside other people's living rooms while walking around town it's like getting a glimpse of a person that you will probably never get to know otherwise

  10. peekins! e peekins! that's really cute! I just call it being a peeping tom. you know, for street cred.
    I'm going to do a series of peekins, one for every room!

  11. I love that this has a name! Funny, I was just thinking the other day that I'm looking forward to warmer evenings so Richard and I can do this very thing.

  12. on that note, let's see inside your magical home!

    and I will agree times a thousand that 'peekins' is THE BEST word!

    For ultimate wistful sighing at someone's home, I look here: http://somethingshidinginhere.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/03/theres-no-place-like-here.html

    Although I don't think I could ever live in a loft. I'm much too short; there would be worlds of wide open space above my head.

  13. oh aprils room looks so cosy! in amsterdam they keep their curtains open at night and with their lights on you can see beautiful chandeliers hanging from ceilings and plants decorating windows. it's a lovely city.