weekend thrifts

This image, from Lover, went with me to the thrift shops yesterday, and I ended up having some good luck! I found two things that have been on my mind lately.

I love straw hats. I have owned a number of them and I love wearing them in the summer. After seeing Lover's Sacred Hearts collection, I wanted one that was more boater-like, with a black ribbon. I found this one for $2 -- it's not quite the same shape and I have to work on getting the brim more flat (heavy books? Some steam? Can you shape straw?) because it's a bit warped. It had a pink ribbon on it but I replaced it.

These hats always make me think of Marguerite Duras' The Lover -- which I suspect is a book that is beloved of Susien Chong as well.

They also make me think of a time when people hung straw hats decorated with fake flowers on the wall, usually in kitchens with duck motifs. Oh dear.

Just like everyone else, I've been hunting for a sailor-collared shirt for a while (I actually made one out of a lightweight wool in the fall but I never finished it!). I really love this blouse -- it looks much better worn than on the hanger. It's an XL but the fabric is so silk-like in its drape that I'll be able to wear it in a slouchy way. You can't see it here because this picture is so washed out, but it has a pale gold trim all the way around; I think I'm going to replace the buttons, though. I also found a linen Laura Ashley drop-waist sailor dress and another dress with a sailor collar but I was out of money (sigh) and had to leave them behind. Apparently it was '80s day at the thrift shop!

(Okay, so it's pretty much always '80s day at the thrift shop.)


  1. Haha, my mum was obsessed with ducks. Everything in varying shades of apricot and corn blue. Too funny. I love that hat!

  2. I've been thinking about straw hats lately as well :) I have a straw cloche from last summer, but something more like what you've posted would be nice. Michael's (and I would imagine JoAnne's) have a bunch of tiny ones for decorative purposes, the ones that are almost flat, and I've been thinking of grabbing some to decorate a la Marc Jacobs :)

  3. Wow, you were really lucky! I love the hat!

  4. i have a straw hat that i like, but it's more 70s beachy if that makes sense? your hat looks lovely and if i could pull it off i would love to wear it! those sort of hats always remind me of Linnea in Monet's Garden! haha I totally still have that doll and recently put it in a keepsake box. http://www.amazon.com/Linnea-Monets-Garden-Cristina-Bjork/dp/9129583144

  5. oh what thrift store luck! Especially that sailor top- totally dreamy. whereabouts did you go?

  6. Thanks for the straw hat love, guys! I totally forgot about the Marc Jacobs connection, but it's funny that there are so many funny connections to things like this. Straw hats are pretty iconic, I think! Like Jane Birkin and her straw basket.

    Bee, these two items came from the Village (that's what I call it, with a French accent) at Rogers and Keele. Pretty out of the way but that's how I like it! I always find good stuff there.

  7. PS- Bee, you're so lucky to have all the Frankie back issues! Sometimes I'll see a few pages from a back issue online and my heart sinks because I know I'll never see it. It's nice to know there's someone nearby with them!

  8. i prefer the proportion of your hat to the one in the first photo. sadly, i have a large head so it's really hard for me to find hats that fit.

    that sailor top is great! i love double rows of buttons.

  9. amazing find! i've been looking on ebay for a boater for a few months. i bought a blue straw cloche recently and i want to wear it so badly but i'd feel silly in anything less that 65 degree weather.

    and my mom totally had ducks wearing little boaters in our kitchen when i was younger.