building outfits 2

Since some of you enjoyed my last building outfits post, I thought I'd make another! It's fun to build fantasy outfits, especially ones in which I magically fit into them all (I talk about magic a lot, don't I?). I will only stick to Etsy, though.

In my tradition of embarrassing Caitlin through my blog, I'm going to base this outfit on her outfit here, which is her first picture added to Wardrobe Remix! I think she looks absolutely lovely and so perfectly outfitted for spring.

So! Kittens inspired by kittens. A fantasy day:

First of all, the day requires reading material. Fatal Distraction by Sonja Ahlers (who I met yesterday! I got starstruck, dudes) is perfect since both Caitlin & I love her work. Sonja has an Etsy shop too, makeitawesome.

Tiny quilted rose purse from SWANclothing (so sweet!)

Vintage silk Cacharel scarf from shamsandcoverups

Cross stitch rosebud earrings from treefox (they are the cutest things since kittens!)

1950s blouse from thegreedyseagull (um, I bought this)

1950s chambray spring skirt from thirteeneightyfive

White Mary Janes from deargoldenvintage (flats are essential for this day, because heels make me grumpy)

Vintage rose tin from foundvintagestyle (for transporting cookies to the potluck picnic, obviously)

A very happy day, in what I think is a very happy outfit.


  1. Anonymous20.4.09

    lovely outfit! I love your store as well :)

  2. such a sweet outfit, i love that cacharel scarf!

  3. Dream outfit indeed! You are going to have quite the collection of perfect little blouses :)

  4. eep! thanks fo including my earrings! i think this outfit would be a hit at the picnic!

  5. Thanks!

    Missa: Yes, I will! But I don't have too many with short sleeves for summertime! I have to build a collection.

    Treefox: I am going to get those on my ears at some point! Yes I am.

  6. so cute, i also love that purse and dear golden always has such amazing finds :)

  7. oh my goodness, i am so flattered to have my purse in your blog. your sweet blog has me under its spell. thanks for including me :)

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my scarf! Lovely outfit. I love the Fatal Distraction book.

  9. a bit late in noticing but thank you for showing my roses tin on your gorgeous blog!