building outfits 3

Boy, am I exhausted. It's only 2 in the afternoon but I spent half the morning fretting over curtain rods and above-the-sink shelves. This outfit is going to be easy, breezy, and I hope, beautiful. Har har.

Straw hat from my shop (sorry, I cheated! Too tired!)

1950s pale blue cotton blouse with pintucks from deargoldenvintage

High-waisted culottes from allencompanyinc (I loved these shorts from darlingbrigade too, but they sold a while ago)

Lace-up brogues from revivalhouse

Floral purse from secretlake


  1. oh i just love the hat and blue top
    so gorgeous

  2. oh man those shoes are amazing!!

  3. Aren't they? They make me wish I had tiny feet!

  4. Anonymous28.4.09

    That is my outfit.

    That's the best outfit ever.

    So good.

  5. These would make a lovely outfit. I especially love those shoes, wish they were my size!

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  7. Loveliness! Love the purse & the handle detail... Found such delightful visual delights in your blog! Luv!!

  8. so sad, i have seen those white brogues so many times and always always want them, but they are too small!!! but damn! aren't they amazing?

  9. thank you so much for including my shoes. I'm a new fan of your blog. I wish I had more time to get lost in blog world, reading everyone's sweet little posts. I read that one about your cat being lost and found! When we moved, we thought our cat Filmore somehow got out because he's so nervous about sounds and was uneasy about the move also, and there he was behind the dryer in the basement, hiding all that time for 5 whole hours. He didn't come when we called, he was so nervous. Glad you found your little fur ball! So cute!